Monday, April 23, 2012

whimsical afternoon

First before I share with you our whimsical afternoon let me show you two of the cutest picture's I have of Judah. He is wearing one of the Pixie hats I recently started making. This one is for my friend Deb but I am making two more to giveaway tomorrow on my Facebook page. Don't you just think all kids are cuter with a Pixie/Gnome hat? 

We had a mail drop off errand this boring but have pretty much been stuck indoors all day. I thought it would be fun to bring out Judah's tent and try to set it up for him to play in it. I had this fantastic idea of setting it up and letting him eat lunch in it with his stuffed animals. I tried for 20 mins to put together his tent and this is what it ended up looking like. I didn't know you needed an engineers 
degree to put up a child's tent. 

I didn't let that discourage me from my dream of a whimsical afternoon with my son and I grabbed some sheets, blankets and things to tie them all together and made a tent in the living room. The picture below is my 2nd tent. Judah destroyed my first tent before I could take a picture. Right next to the blue mirror on the wall used to be a gorgeous large lamp that is normally blocked by that vintage green chair I have the tent tucked into. Judah saw that the lamp wasn't blocked and pulled the it down, destroying the tent and shattering glass all over my floor. When I put him in another closed off area of the room so I could pick up the glass and vacuum, he decided to break apart some of the cloths pins he found that I was using to hold some of the tent together. Glass was picked up by then and I went to search for any cloths pin pieces on the ground so he doesn't try to eat them, he then pulls this container I have glass in off of our large dining room table. I was beside myself in tears because everywhere I turned my son was trying to break or eat something that dangerous for him. I had to put him in bed while I searched the area for any glass or cloths pins. Once everything was cleaned I fixed the tent and made a mini snack lunch for both of us in the picnic basket and brought him back down. 

I filled the inside of the tent with his favorite books, his dinosaur cup and his chair with stuffed animals. I made sure it was really cozy for him and full of pillows since you could hear the cold rain hitting against the living room windows. 

The tent was a hit! He ran down the hall and crawled right into the tent. Wore his little gnome pixie hat and screamed while I read a doggie book to him.

He was kind enough to dump out the snacks to share with everyone.

He was also very polite and didn't forget about his doggie friends and gave each of them a hug. 

Judah spent the rest of the afternoon, tantrum free reading to me in the tent. 

It was a rough start, but we had a pretty whimsical afternoon. Scott just came home and picked up Judah so they could go and grab sushi for us. I am going to keep the tent up for a few days because its hard to put up it up with a mischievous toddler running around and Judah loves crawling inside. 

Make sure you check My Charming Colors Facebook page tomorrow to enter to win a Pixie/Gnome Hat so you can also have your very own whimsical afternoon, hopefully glass breaking free.

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  1. Oh yes, every baby needs a pixie hat! Too cute! :) The tent is awesome, and it sounds like you two had fun once everything settled down. Little ones can really test our patience sometimes!!


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