Sunday, April 22, 2012

sunday is a fun day

After I wrote my last post on us being lazy the past few days we decided to make up for it this afternoon. Its been raining non stop for the past 24 hours and we were just itching to get out of the house. I wanted hot chocolate because I couldn't stay warm and Scott wanted to stop by Home Depot, so we did both. We decided to replace this 20 year old light fixture in our dinning room area with a lighted ceiling fan. Our dining room opens up to one of our large living rooms and we don't have good lighting in either room. Scott thought that a fan would not only add some lighting but it will help us keep the AC off during some of the warmer summer days. I'm a Florida girl, I prefer the ceiling fans over AC any day. 

While we were at Home Depot we looked around their flower section and I noticed that their prices are much higher than this little flower stand next to Trader Joe's. So we left and went to my favorite little flower stand. If anyone is in the Fairfax area, the flower stand in the Fairfax Trader Joe's parking lot has the best flower selection for half the cost also the owners are really nice!

I bought an entire pallet of gold marigolds, more lavender and a tiny rose bush.

I'll be planting everything once this rain lets up. Its supposed to rain for a few days. Right now I'll enjoy all the pretty flowers lined up on my dining room table. 

We stopped by Duncan Donuts to warm up with some hot chocolate and donuts.

Also I found out that a sex offender works as a cashier at this duncan donuts and we will not be going to this specific store again. I would encourage if you haven't done so already to check your local government's database for local offenders, especially if you have children. People may not be 100% honest about where they live on the list but they do have to list where they work and I avoid the places they work at. You can never be to careful with your child. Before we confirmed that our cashier was on the list, Judah was blowing kisses at him and everyone behind the counter. 

When we finally arrived at home, Scott installed our dining room ceiling fan (pictures to come soon) while I read book after book to Judah. I didn't mind, he was keeping me warm and it was fun hearing him try to "read" the book to me. He is talking so much more, its mainly gibberish with some of his regular words thrown in, but I feel like he is going to bust out with some sentences or lyrics soon. 

Also now he walks around the house stomping and humming the Imperial March. After I get him on video tape doing this I have to teach him something else, like maybe the moon walk or dancing like he is a robot. 

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  1. Just visited your etsy shop..oh my goodness. Everything is so cute!

    1. Thank you so much :-) I really enjoy making the hats/booties


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