Monday, April 30, 2012

sometimes a teething boy needs ice-cream

Sunday morning started at around 6 am for us. Judah woke up in his crib screaming. We both ran over and he was rubbing his jaw and looking at us for help. I knew his molars are finally coming in (or at least trying) so we gave him Tylenol, Hylands and brought him into bed with us. But at this point Judah wanted to run around. So we all went downstairs, I made breakfast and we let Judah run around for a bit until his hugged his pillow on the ground and tried to fall back to sleep.

After a few hours of fitful sleep Judah woke up and we took him to a local park. Right when we pulled in an ice-cream truck appeared! We ran to get into line because we love ice-cream, Judah has never had ice-cream from a truck before and he is teething so this might feel good on his gums. Lately he hasn't really wanted to eat much but milk and yogurt because everything hurts his mouth. 

We stopped by the skatepark, this normally puts Judah in a good mood but he looked pathetic watching the skateboarders. Also a handful of high school kids were hanging out right behind us cussing and smoking cigarettes. I  feel like I am getting old because I was tempted to say something about blowing smoke towards my child and them being underage smokers, but figured I don't want to spend my energy on the drama and we took Judah to the swings instead. 

He was happy on the swings, but after awhile he didn't want to be at the park and didn't want anymore pictures. He wanted to go home and take another nap. 

After a good nap we took Judah to McDonald's so he can have ice-cream with Grandma Judkins. I'm pretty proud that he held the cone by himself and managed to not get ice-cream everywhere, although he did manage to get some on his Grandma's nose. 

He looks so cute holding the cone with one hand. 

We typically don't give Judah many sweets, he actually prefers a banana or an apple over the sweets. But my little boy is teething something fierce and I figured since the ice-cream soothes his gums, then sometimes a teething boy needs ice-cream twice in one day. Today we had a few play dates planned, but Judah was up screaming every 2-3 hours last night and I finally got him back down to sleep. I may just take him for a long walk and attempt to run a few errands with him instead. Hopefully these pesky little molars will pop through soon, I hate to see Judah in so much pain. 

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog through hellocotton. Still trying to figure that site out, but I am joining up with you here because you are just adorable. You lil man would hang out great with my biblically named boys Solomon and Isaiah. We have lots in common. We used to be youth pastors, 4 years. And lots more in common. I will for sure be back and I am happy to be your newest member :)


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