Monday, April 2, 2012

on your toes

I love the weekends. Mainly because I love Scott being able to see first hand how active our little guy is getting and lately it feels like Judah is becoming more and more active by the day.  Saturday we took it easy, stayed inside and didn't get out of our jammies till it was almost time to put them back on.  Judah has some really bad allergies and he was up all night Friday night coughing and kept us up so we needed a family in home rest day. On Sunday we realized after staying inside all day on Saturday that we can't do that again. Judah has to much pent up energy and needs to get outside to work some of that energy off. Scott mentioned he knew of a few good local parks in the area that we could take Judah to. Im always looking online and joining mama groups to find new things for us to do. For some reason I never thought to ask Scott if he knew of any good parks in the area, he grew up around here and knows this place like the back of his hand. So of course he would know of all the great secret parks.

We first stopped by Starbucks. As you can see from my husbands semi silly face we really needed it.

I made them pose outside of Starbucks because they look like twins! One of my sweet IG mama friends Whitney H send me a huge box of clothing for Judah about a week ago. In it was a shirt that matches one of Scott's favorite shirts. Since we only have a few more cool days before we have to store this shirt away I wanted them both to wear it. 

Judah loves spending time with his daddy on the weekends. 

We stopped by on park across the street from the Starbucks, it looked like a big kid park so Scott suggested another park down the street.  The second park is at this elementary school that is built underground. As Scott was explaining this to me I didn't understand what he was talking about, but when we drove up to the place I understood. The school likes like something from Lord of the Rings. Its built underground and above the school is a trail, two parks, a soccer playing field and an adorable garden. Judah was trying to run in front of us. He likes to swing his arms back and forth really fast when he runs with full on concentration. 

Judah wanted to be at the highest point of the play ground equipment. I stood at the bottom to block the open spots while Scott was next to him.

This park/school is gorgeous. They had painted all the concert walls, Judah didn't want to pose for a picture, he didn't have time, he needed to play in the park.

He loved running across the moving bridge and kept trying to run away from us.

Then of course Judah had to go to the super big slide. Scott held onto Judahs shirt to make sure he wouldn't run to far ahead of him.

We decided we wanted to check out one more park before we headed home for the day. But wanted to check out the beautiful mural in front of the school. Judah was fine looking at the mural with us for .5 seconds before he took off running again.

We stopped by one more park. This one was right next to the area Scott grew up in and he used to go to this park all the time when he was a kid. We didn't spend to much time there since Judah was semi crashing. But he did have allot of fun on the mini school bus at the park. 

After Judah started to try to climb on top of the bus we decided it was time to go. 

We have fun visiting three local parks in the area. I will for sure visit them again. Once we took Judah home he had a 3 hour nap, and in the middle of his nap I started thinking "good job Jess you wore your son out at the park"  then I realized how exhausted I was and decided to take a nap myself. In reality our year and a half old son wore us out. 

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  1. Judah is such a cutie!!
    And those matching shirts are adorable! Good job, Mama! ;)

  2. Love the matching shirts--and I especially like the action shot of your husband going after Judah in the last mural shot! :D

  3. I love their matching shirts! What an awesome day, especially a 3 hour nap! Parks are the best entertainment ever.


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