Saturday, April 7, 2012

not wanting to fail

On Friday I ran the best mile I've been able to run since I became pregnant with Judah. Two years ago I used to run 8'30" min miles . But when I became pregnant my 8+ mins slowly crept up to 16 mins and after having Judah with a cesarean they crept up to around 18 mins.  In the past year I've slowly been bringing that time down and have been keeping it pretty consistent at around 13 mins per mile. Recently I decided to step up my work out and take it to the gym, I still run the Couch 2 5K program because it keeps me on track for taking mini walking breaks and then running. Also I am able to listen to my running play list. When I finished my run this past Friday Lance Armstrong's voice came on my Nike app to congratulate me for running my best mile. I looked down and saw I ran 11'11" per mile!

I'll be honest, although I am so thrilled I am at a little over 11 mins per mile, I was being pretty hard on myself because I wasn't at where I wanted to be weight wise and I don't want to fail at becoming healthier and feeling better about myself. I did end up losing those few pounds I gained about a week and a half ago. It was all water weight because it was that time of the month for me, so I am back at 175. I took another look at what I am eating during the day, how much water I am drinking and I also am going to take some time off from crocheting as much as I do. I think the sitting and crocheting for a few hours while Judah naps is not good for my metabolism. I also spoke to Scott and decided that I am going to start running more at the gym. Not only is it a great way to get a break from Judah for an hour, but also I am able to get off the treadmill and work with weights. I always always feel a billion times better emotionally, physically and mentally after working out with weights at the gym. So here is to getting back on track.

Also each day that the weather is nice enough to be outside I am taking Judah to a park. Last Friday I took Judah to our favorite park and I chased him around for an hour. He doesn't like to stay still for very long and is constantly on the move. 

Well he does stop on the swings, but I am still moving by pushing him.

Today we took Judah on his first ever Easter Egg Hunt! We have one in our neighborhood right in our back yard every Saturday before Easter Sunday. I love it because before the hunt they get all the kids together in the neighborhood and sing songs for about ten minutes. Judah kept screaming "YAYYY" after each song and clapping. He really is a people person.

He wanted to stand up and be like the "big kids".

Judah was able to find one egg before the other kids grabbed them all up. I honestly didn't think he would really find an egg, I just wanted to bring him so he can hang out with the other kids and so I can meet the other moms in our neighborhood.

I have no idea how he ended up with his Easter basket on his head, but he didn't seem to notice it much or care about the people laughing at him. 

After the Easter Egg hunt we took Judah over to Cox Farms. One of the employees told me last fall that they would have a whole area of bunnies, baby chicks and other animals for the kids to hold. When we arrived they had a handful of goats in a pen, three bunnies you were not able to touch and some chicks. It wasn't what we expected but Judah loved feeding the goat.

He also had fun rocking back and forth on a huge hay pile and throwing it at us. 

Since Easter Sunday is this weekend we had gone grocery shopping on Friday night so I can pick up some  special items for breakfast and dinner to start some Easter family traditions. While I was talking to Scott today about how to cook a ham I told him "Scott I don't remember putting the ham away, you know I don't remember putting a bunch of the groceries away" sure enough we looked in the back of our trunk and a bag of all our Easter groceries that were perishable must have slipped under our stroller unnoticed. Thank goodness we found the items in our trunk today or I would have been driving around with a very stinky car.  

I could be upset about my weight loss or lack thereof, I could be upset that Cox farms didn't have bunnies to pet or that we forgot the Easter Ham in the trunk of the car. But tonight as I reflect on Easter I remember the three words that will forever resonate in my heart
"it is finished"
That's all that matters tomorrow. He has risen.

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  1. Congrats on your best mile in a long while! That's a big accomplishment! I think you'll be able reach your goals. You're honest with yourself and realistic. I'm rooting for you!!!

    Happy Easter :)

  2. Congrats on reaching a new personal best! And congrats on having one of the most stylish little boys I've ever laid eyes on--I kind of wish they made his vest in adult sizes! :D


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