Monday, April 16, 2012

mommy lessons in play dates

One of my goals this spring/summer is to take Judah out on lots of toddler play dates. Today we went to Popes Head Park   we had a blast hanging out with 15 other moms and their babies. Each time I take Judah on one of these play dates I make a mental note of what the other moms bring for their children and learn what I should bring for Judah next time. As a first time mom its hard to figure out what should I bring and I don't like to haul a 10 pound bag of stuff and my 27 pound child over to the park.

This is what I typically bring for Judah on an outdoor park play date. Depending on what type of mood he is in before we leave the house I may bring an extra car, doggie, ball or book. I always bring a canvas bag (I have a bigger one for more stuff) and I bring either a blanket or towel because you never know when your child wants to stop playing for a snack. 

I always have a book preferably one about cars because Judah likes to read the book when I drive. One of his mini cars, all things teething meaning Sophie, hylands (gel and tablets) and a plastic spoon. I recently we gave him my old iPhone that doesn't work at all. If Judah is throwing a serious tantrum I can easily distract him with the phone and tell him to "call auntie Rhonda" he will stop being upset at whatever he is throwing the tantrum for and pick up the phone to chat away.  Also since the sun is out in full force I  bring his sunblock because he has sensitive skin and gets pink easily. 

I also bring lots of snacks because Judah is constantly munching. I like to bring Mum mums, a breakfast bar (for Judah or myself) and I always carry at least two squeeze pouches in case we are stuck in the car during lunchtime. 

Diapers, a mini diaper wipe pack, boogie wipes for his face, sun glasses, a hat, his container of goldfish, my water bottle, his bottle, sippy cup of water and an apple juice in case of an emergency.  I think the apple juice is more of a habit for Scott since he is Type 1 Diabetic.

Also I have learned after today's play date to always bring a ball for Judah. He will obsess over the other kids balls and scream and chase after them. Toddlers don't like to share balls. Since he was so good with me today while I had my blood drawn to test for Celiacs Disease I took him to Target and bought him the really big ball that he always likes to steal from the other kids. 

I'm sure my list will change while Judah grows but these are some of my basic must haves for out door play dates. What do you bring in your bag?

Also My Little Mustache was featured on Pamplemousse blog today! 

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  1. That's an awesome bag! Not too much, not too little! And I had no idea you were being tested for Celiacs disease. If it comes back positive, let me know! The Paleo diet is *awesome* for those who have celiac, and I have a TON of information :)

    1. Ha you should have seen what I prepared for our meeting today! I wasn't sure what to bring so I brought this and everything else ;-)

      Yep my stomach pain is getting worse and worse, especially after eating certain foods and I have other symptoms of Celiacs, so we figured I might as well get the test. I kinda hope it turns out positive just so I can start the process of not feeling in pain anymore. this has been going on for a year. I also get an internal sonogram next week to see if I have ovarian cysts. Trying to rule everything out. But I will let you know what happens! I think we need to just do an overhaul on our families diet here ;-)

  2. I love this list! My baby has yet to go on A park play date but when we do I will definitely refer to this :)

    By the way.. That giant ball is perfect!

    1. Oh good! :-)
      Its so hard sometimes to figure out what to bring to a play date :-) Especially out door ones and its good to have some of these items on hand because your baby will be all over the place!

      The giant ball is like $3 from Target! I thought they were going to be more than that but its a steal :-)

  3. Good luck with the Celiac test, I'm happy to help if you need advice!

    Judah is looking adorable as always, and glad you guys had a great playdate :)

    1. Your going to be one of the first to know when the test comes in ;-)

  4. What great ideas! My little one is still topo small for playdates at the park but I already feel like I take so much stuff wherever we go. This will be great to refer to in the future!


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