Sunday, April 22, 2012

lazy days

The past few days have been lazy days. Lazy days to me are days where I don't take Judah outside of the house for more than three activities a day. I get to antsy to keep him inside all the time and he is a boy with lots of energy and I'm "party mom". 

On Friday I took Judah on a mommy lunch date at Einstein bagels. He devoured both of the pickles that came with our meal and was mesmerized by the trucks driving by. He was both smelly and cute as he raised his pickle up and try to cheers the trucks driving by then slam the pickle into his mouth with juice and pickle seeds running down his face and shirt.

After our lunch I stopped by a flower stand right outside the bagel store and grabbed a bunch of flowers and lavender for my backyard garden. Judah was upset that I wouldn't let him "eat" the flowers and had a mini meltdown at home. He already smelled of pickle juice, had a big blow out diaper, managed to dump his entire sippy cup of water onto his lap and had a face of snot and tears, my poor sweet boy was a mess. I took him upstairs and made him a big bubble bath full of all his favorite bath toys and my sweet boy was in heaven. After his bath he rubbed his sleepy eyes as I laid him down on his favorite pillow and he took a 3 hour nap. 

After the nap he didn't care about the flowers anymore. I took him outside so I could plant everything. Judah was busy getting in the mud, pushing his cars, throwing balls and running into the hose as I watered the garden.

Once Scott came home Judah helped him put air into his tires. We found out later that Scott's tire was completely shredded in the back thank God he was able to make it home okay. 

This Saturday morning was for naps and Yo Gabba Gabba. 

After Scott came home he wanted me to go on a date by myself, to get a break from Judah. I went thrifting at good will and scored these TOMS for only $4.50! They are in perfect condition and fit me. I really love the colors and I was able to snag a few dresses and skirts to wear on our upcoming Myrtle and Virginia Beach trip in a few weeks. 

Last night Judah just wanted to be held. When I took him out of my Maya sling he would run after me and pull at the sling so I would put him back in. 

I didn't mind. I love this sweet boy of mine.

Yesterday I was also able to complete two elephant hats, one sweet bear hat and a sleepy owl hat for my shop. Friday and Saturday may have been lazy for my boys but I was hard at work crocheting. 

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  1. Wow! TOMS for $4.50, I wanna come thrifting in your area! Our Goodwill had a pair of converse for $20..I am pretty sure I can get a new pair on clearance in the store for that price!

    1. If your ever in the Northern VA/DC area let me know :-) I would LOVE to go thrifting with you. I've gotten converse for under $5 at the local thrift store and some Yo Gabba Gabba vans (they look brand new) for around $3 as well :-) Im telling ya I find deals and love to have people thrift with me ;-)

  2. Your little boy is so lucky to have such a fun mom! I'm hoping that when C gets old enough to do all that, I'm the same way :-) Thrifting here in San Diego scares me because it's such a big city and I have no idea where the "good" thrifting spots are. Maybe I should do some research...

    1. awe thank you! Not sure if you have checked it out yet but we have been able to find allot of mommy play date groups in the area under Its pretty good so far and they even have meet ups for moms with younger children, I think its more for the moms and also to get some social interaction while they are young :-)

      San Diego thrift places are awesome!!! I heard San Diego has a swap meet. I can find information and forward it to you :-) I was there last year around this time and fell in LOVE with SD, I wish Scott would pack us up and move us out there ;-)

  3. Aww, sounds like Judah had a bit of a rough start to the day! Amazing that you have so much patience with him even in his tough times, I can imagine that is difficult! Glad you got some time to yourself :)

    1. ha a stinky rough start ;-)
      thank you so much for mentioning that, believe me when he was an infant it was hard to just have patience with all the screaming. But finally after awhile it just clicked. This is my sweet boy, he can't communicate any other way but screams (now he talks up a storm) but you find after awhile what their non verbal cues are and what scares them/makes them happy ect and work with it. Not saying that its easy, but after awhile it gets better. Especially when they communicate more. Like now Judah points to his teeth if he is teething so I know okay his mouth hurts instead of hey he is being a brat ;-)


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