Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I finally did it

Yesterday I finally made it to one of the local toddler "meet up" groups. They had a meet up for toddlers to play with their push toys at a gym down the street. I brought Judah's fire truck, some snacks and his dinosaur. When we arrived they had around 5 moms and 8 toddler's running around. The kids ran over and grabbed Judah's truck, he didn't care because he was to distracted by all the other kids toys and ran over and picked up a huge ball that he would not let go of. The moms were much friendlier than I expected and we hung out and let our kids play for about an hour. It was funny talking to a group of moms with toddlers, our brains are just fried so every other word was "you know that thing" or "that place down the street" or "I forgot the name of it". It felt good being around other moms and talking in our new and weird amnesiac mommy language.

After awhile Judah started rubbing his eyes and I knew I had to take him home before a pre-nap meltdown. I promised to meet up some of the ladies this weekend at a free truck event for the boys. 

Today I was finally able to complete my root canal!!!! This morning was filled with a mixture of dread and anticipation that this was finally going to be over soon! To make the morning a bit more lighthearted I took pictures of Judah in his mustache.

Scott stayed home while I drove to the dentist. Since my dentist is pregnant I brought her one of my elephant hats for her baby. The procedure was maybe 45 mins, the office was really friendly and super understanding that I wanted to get this finished as soon as possible. The dentists assistant took great care with my tooth and the best part is that I didn't even need Novocaine! They also fitted me for a temporary night guard that so I can stop grinding my teeth at night. After years of dental work, I can finally say my tooth feels pretty amazing, I finally feel whole again.

When I came home I spent time trying to teach Judah how to "tickle daddy". After awhile he started rubbing his eyes again and we put him down for his second nap. I think Judah is either teething, maybe getting sick or in the middle of a  growth spurt. He has been taking allot of naps in the past two days. 

Also remember those granny squares I posted up yesterday? I started crocheting them together and I am already in love with the blanket! I'm still on the fence on how big I want this blanket but I am thinking of making mini "baby blankets" for the shop this summer. 

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  1. those granny squares would be perfect for a stroller blanket! I'm glad your tooth is finally feeling better!!

  2. that was from me up there!


  3. Glad you guys had fun at the meet-up :) And glad the dentist visit went well! :)

  4. So glad your dentist appointment went well--and I'm totally in love with your granny square blanket! Can I have one in my size? :D


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