Tuesday, April 10, 2012

colorful thrifting for the bedroom

This past week I realized that our town home has been the longest I've ever lived in one place in my entire life. I moved in the day we got married and that was two years ago. Growing up I moved from place to place and from the ages of 10 to 28 I moved over 26 times, that's more than once a year. I think that's why I find it so hard to decorate our home, I always feel that we are going to pick up and move. Since we have stayed here for so long I feel the nesting bug is finally starting to settle in my heart and I told my husband I really want to make our bedroom look like its really "our" bedroom and not some college dorm. When we went thrifting on Saturday I wanted to find the perfect bedroom curtains and I was able to find these gorgeous floral curtains for only $6! I noticed the color when I was sorting the aisle a little further down and saw that this one guy standing right near the curtains and new he would notice the  gorgeous color and grab them for himself. So I quickly walked over and picked them up for myself. I was pleasantly surprised to see I had two matching panels and they were in perfect condition. They just needed a good washing to get the thrift store smell out. 

I still have allot of work to do on the room. I want to completely ro-organize the built ins, I have some fantastic ideas in my head of what I want them to look like. I also want to put some things on the walls. But for now, I wanted you to see the drastic change to my room by just switching out the curtains. This is what we had up before. Ugly sheer curtains that really served no purpose than to hide the shades. They made the room look really dark and small. 

When I put up the new curtains I feel like i am walking into a luxurious hotel room. They brighten up the room, make the room feel bigger and they add the perfect pop of color that I was looking for.

Since I put up the curtains over the weekend I've been working on crocheting granny squares so I can make a colorful throw for our bedroom. I am excited to see how it will all turn out and I am so in love with all the bright vibrant colors. 

Colorful granny squares make my heart so happy. 

Also on Saturday I was able to score this Starwars shirt for Judah for only 99 cents! 

Changing our room to a colorful, peaceful place of rest has allowed us to sleep better. Judah slept in his crib all night last night! Scott and I were able to go to sleep before midnight and I was able to sleep 6 hours straight of uninterrupted sleep, shower, eat breakfast and have a cup of coffee before my sweet boy woke up this morning. It was a perfect way to start the day and we are excited to attend our first ever toddler meet up later this morning.

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  1. Jess,
    Your post always make me smile.
    i am so glad i get to enjoy a little prak into your day through your blog, and on IG.

  2. Love those granny squares...makes me want to crochet tonight :)
    Love your cute little blog :)
    Have fun decorating your home...if you need any wall art come check out my shop!

  3. Your home looks adorable! My hubby is just like you. He moved all the time when he was younger. Doesn't it feel good to stay in one place for a while? Loving the blog! Great find on my part. Xo

  4. i cant wait to see the blanket!

  5. Wow, who would know that just changing curtains would change a room so much!!! I love those curtains,,,, and I love, Love, LOVE....your colorful granny squares.

  6. I just happened onto your blog and I'm so happy I did! Your posts are so sweet and your son is adorable! I love love love his mohawk! :)


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