Sunday, April 1, 2012

bow tie guy

I wanted to wish my step mom Dyan a happy birthday! I don't think I could ever explain in words how much you mean to me. How you are the funniest, caring, sweetest, kind hearted and most honestly real person I know.  I can't even count the times I have personally witnessed you caring for people you barely know, opening your home to them, meeting their needs whether is helping with their rent, car insurance or finding them a job. Over the years many people have hurt your heart for reaching out them, but what I love best about you is that you keep helping out others. That you won't let a few bad apples ruin your incredibly sweet heart. I love how honest and real you are, you tell it like it is and you don't leave allot of fluff for me to get lost in. I know when I seek you for advice you will tell me the honest truth.  I love how you walked along side Scott and I during our first few years of marriage, how I could call you at any moment and have a good cry with you because I didn't know what to do as a mother, I love how you would encourage me that I am doing the right thing and remind me how much my husband and son love me. You always made me feel like you were right next door. 

I love how not only have you poured your heart out into my life since I was 8 years old, by taking in my siblings and I and loving us as if we are your own children. But I love how you consistently reach out to Judah either by text, phone call or Facebook. You make my son feel so loved and Dyan that makes me love you even more. My heart fills up with so much joy when I get one of your daily texts or phone calls asking about your grandson. I know he loves his Nana very very much and wishes he could celebrate your birthday with you today. In honor of you being the best mother I could ask for and today being your birthday we dressed up Judah and took him outside for a mini photo shoot. 

Judah loves dogs and doesn't understand when their owners walk them away from him. This mini meltdown happens every single time he sees a dog.   

Then seconds later he sees another dog and all is well in the world. 

Judah always touching his mama's face. 

Dyan, Happy Birthday from your family in Northern Virginia. We so wish we could celebrate with you and the family face to face today, have a nice dinner and all enjoy some cake and coffee together. But we will all be together soon and maybe you can have two birthday cakes in April. We love you very much and are very grateful you are in our lives and that you are the greatest grandmother to Judah. 

Scott, Jess and Judah

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  1. He is absolutely adorable!!!! What a beautiful family you have!!

  2. Seriously I am totally in love with his style !
    That does it I'm off to get my Joshykins a bow tie & converse x x


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