Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Warning, I will be using allot of my pictures from IG today on this post.

First I wanted to show you a picture of Judah in his vintage old man jammies I thrifted for him months ago. I need to get him slippers, newspaper and a bubble pipe for a photoshoot.

Last night around 11pm I heard a bunch of helicopters overhead. I figured they had an event or something was going on at George Mason or their was a huge accident on 495. I woke up this morning to read that a few doors down from where we live an "armed robbery" occurred. While Scott was getting ready this morning I walked outside to see what was going on, we had a few news stations and some policemen outside. They showed me the packaging on the ground of the ski masks the robbers used and told me that they haven't found the suspects yet. I was a bit unnerved since Judah and I walk by this house every single day. 

Judah holding Scotts hand and saying goodbye before he took off for work.

This morning Judah drank allot of fluids, he didn't want a big breakfast so he had puffs and a banana. He wanted me to pull him around in his vintage fisher price horse. 

Before his afternoon nap I took him on a min walk around the neighborhood. I wanted him to get some fresh air because it was so nice outside, I also wanted to see if the reporters and police that were still camped outside had any more updates. Also Judah got to wear his adorable vintage jacket his IG mama friend Ohcrys sent to him. We love the jacket!

Back home for more puffs and Judah managed to steal my water bottle again (after I just sterilized it).

After his nap we took another mini walk outside. But other kids started to come out and I didn't want Judah to get them sick so I brought him inside. 

Once Scott came home we went on a family walk. We wanted to wait one more day for Judahs tummy to really be healed from the norovirus before we started running/bouncing him around in the Bob. He did great and we ended up walking 3 miles. 

During Judahs second nap we heard him screaming, Scott ran upstairs to see what was wrong and brought Judah down. I turned around to see what was going on and saw Judahs mouth was covered in blood. He has been teething again and started chewing on his crib railing, I guess he banged his gums on it and split them open. He was inconsolable for awhile, we tried giving him a frozen Popsicle, cold wet washcloth, hylands tablets and finally after giving him some Tylenol he was able to calm down after  cuddled and rocked him. This has been kinda our thing for the past few days and I am really enjoying the cuddle time with Judah. Although I really hope he starts to feel better (no more sickness for awhile) and that his gums don't bother him for awhile. 

After 30 mins Judah was all smiles. 

Tomorrow will be an even better day because its going to be warmer than today. Which means I can take Judah on a run, I can have our windows open and hear his sweet scratchy voice talk to the birds and it will be another day closer to being fully recovered from being sick. 

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  1. Hope they catch the suspects in that armed robbery! so scary!

    1. I hope so to! As of today they haven't caught the guys. I am pretty freaked out and now carry my mace when I take Judah on our walk/runs and I stare down strangers.

  2. A. your son is adorable. B. super creepy about the ski masks. hope they catch them!

    1. awe thank you! I think he is pretty cute but you know I am his mom so I see him through rose colored glasses ;-)

      Yes its super scary! Not sure if I find it scarier that they actually put the masks on in our parking lot (seriously a stones throw away from our home) or scarier that the cops who were searching for them didn't find the packaging, the reporters did the next day!

  3. hey sweet girl.
    praying for you guys!!! i know how hard it is when a child is sick and you just ache for them - and at the same time hope and pray you don't get sick in the meanwhile! keep me posted :)
    love that the weather is warming up - having the sun shining is such a blessing!!! it's warm and comforting!!!
    ** what a scary incident in your neighborhood! Yuck! hopefully they find the people!!!
    Lots of love to you and your sweet fam',

  4. p.s. those pajamas are THE. CUTEST!!!!!! Oh my gosh! I love seeing your thrifting finds!!!!

    1. awe thank you sweet friend for your prayers! I am sorry I've been a bit offline just doing updates. But I will be online soon. The guys being sick have taken me for a loop.

      Super scary incident, I hope they catch the guys soon.

      I died when i saw the PJs!! Bummed Judah isn't feeling to well or I would have dragged him out thrifting today :-) thursdays is when I can find the best stuff and they have discounts ;)

  5. soooo cute! been worried about y'all this week with all the stuff going on ... glad Judah is on the mend and Scott is starting to feel better too :)

  6. Glad you all are on the mend. Cute photos. Dusytn chewed on his crib rails too. I took the bumper I wasn't using and tied it on the top. That way he wouldn't chew on the wood and it wouldn't hurt him. It also used the bumper I wasn't using.

    By the way I tagged you :)

  7. Those pj's are crazy cute, so grampalicious!!!

  8. too close for comfort. Take care.


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