Saturday, March 31, 2012

once a month crazies

Once a month I'm a bit more emotionally intense than normal. I crave Starbucks, pringles, cry over anything and my hair gets unbearably oily. This intensity hits me days before I start my period and I've noticed after I had Judah my cravings and oily hair has gotten worse than they were before I was pregnant. I think this week I feel more emotionally intense than most months because I feel all out of whack from the three separate antibiotics my dentist has given me and they have thrown me off schedule. Not only have I wanted Starbucks all week (only caved twice) but I'm going nuts with my hair. Yesterday as I was trying to do something different to hide how oily it looked I noticed a handful of grey strands and thought I need to dye my hair as soon as possible or I am really going to look like a young grandma who likes to crochet. 

My hairstylist Thomas is in Peru so I couldn't call him for a quick appointment DC or advice on what to do. I decided I don't have time to find a local salon with a great stylist and to be honest all great stylist have longer wait times than the Dr's office at Kaiser. When its that time of the month I don't have days to wait for a hair appointment I have hours to get something done before I change my mind. I decided that I was going to take matters in my own hands and dye my own hair at home, I couldn't do that much damage to it since I already cut my bangs earlier this week. Again I get emotionally intense this time of the month, even when it comes to my hair. A good friend of mine who has a similar hair color suggested I get Clairol "golden medium brown". She said it wouldn't cause to much damage because the last time I had my hair dyed (at a salon to get all my platinum blond out) was over 7 years ago and I currently had all virgin hair. Before I could change my mind I made a quick trip to Target, bought the dye and while Scott was playing with Judah downstairs I dyed my hair. After a shower, quick blow-dry and style I decided that I like the hair color and that I  didn't do to much damage to it by dying it on my own. I could still go for a good haircut but I think I can hold off till May when Thomas comes back from Peru, hopefully I won't get to emotionally intense next month and decide to cut my hair shorter. Or on second thought...maybe I should just play it safe and have Scott hide the cutting shears.

Yesterday before all my hair drama Judah and I stopped by the post office to mail out some orders and went to a new Starbucks. It was closer to the post office and near a doggie park. Since we don't have a dog yet, I might as well let Judah wave at other peoples dogs. 

He liked the playground near the doggie park. I thought it looked kinda boring but Judah really enjoyed the swings and the slides. He even pushed himself off one of the slides and he hit his but on the ground. I tried not to freak out as he stood up, but he looked at me and laughed and did it again. 
He is such a boy. 

We also stopped by this toy store near the Starbucks and I got Judah this doggie bath set. the spots "wash away" when placed in warm water. Judah loves them and wants to carry them around the house and play with them in his bath. 

After our starbucks/dogpark adventure I took Judah home for his nap received the sweetest package from one of my blogger mama friends Renee! She sent us two adorable cloth books and the sweetest little knickers for Judah! Renee has a vintage etsy store and always updates her shop with the cutest stuff! 

As soon as Judah woke up from his nap I had him model the knickers for me with one of his bow ties. I now want him to wear these knickers ever single day! Hopefully tomorrow I can get him to do a mini photo shoot for my step moms birthday. 

My last favorite picture from Friday night is Judah with his pillow. He now carries this thing all over the house and Friday night he had it in his mouth and was holding up his finger as to say
 "my pillow is #1". He makes me laugh so much.

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  1. I feel you with the period!
    I miscarried but I still have noticed some funky things going on with my body! Ugh :/

    Cheer up love <3

    1. Oh Meghan I am so sorry :-(
      I wish I could hug you right now and have you go with me to get some pringles and starbucks and just hang out. I do hope the funky stuff stops for both of us soon! My entire body sometimes feels like its not my own anymore.

  2. Oh my goodness. I so know about once a month crazies! My husband, after 6 years of marriage told me he has finally learned to roll with the punches. I become pretty mean when I am on my period!

    Your hair looks GREAT BTW!

    1. awe thank you! I am really kinda loving the hair color :-)
      Scott is kinda getting the hang of it (when my period comes) he will bring home some random chocolate and give me some extra time away from Judah (he will take him on errands) I get super weepy when I am on my period and at the end of it I drive myself nuts with my hormones all over the place. Ha


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