Sunday, March 25, 2012

mad men and a winner

In honor of Mad Mens season premier tonight I wanted to share with you a picture of my sister Rhonda and brother in law Man Men photo shoot. Isn't my sister just stunning? Not only are my sister and brother in law a ridiculously good looking couple but they are truly some of the nicest people and are pretty hysterical and obviously have great style. Once I get back to my dream weight I'm having my Rhonda go out with me shopping, maybe she will let me borrow this dress!  

For our Sunday we decided to hang out at the Dulles Town Center.  We had a great time letting Judah run all over the place. Stopped by Nordstroms for the free kiddy balloon, let Judah visit with the Easter Bunny (he is not afraid), Judah played with the bigger kids in the mall play area and watched the mall train go around. A very busy day for a very active boy. 

We also had a mini lunch snack at the kiddie table, Judah had to "cheers" all his french fries with Scott.

Then we stopped by Wegmans in Ashburn because they had the most beautiful cherry blossom trees aligning the parking lot.  We found an area where the blossoms were not dirty from car tires and took some pictures. 

Its totally normally to take a nap in a pile of cherry blossom petals right? 

We finished our Cherry Blossom detour with a visit at the park next to Wegmans.

...and finally the moment you have all been waiting for....
The Winners for this weekends My Charming Colors Weekend  giveaways are

For the Dinosaur hat Ms Shelby Egles-mckinnon  is the winner. Please contact me on Facebook and let me know your address so I can mail you your hat!

For the Daisy Mary Jane's, Marisa Wilson is the winner, please contact me on Facebook so I can get your address to mail you your shoes. 

Thank you all for entering the contest. I am going to giveaway some cute Elephant hats in the next two weeks! Make sure you like the Facebook page so you can stay up to date with the giveaways.

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  1. I love those pictures in the flowers!! (:

  2. Gahhh beautiful photos! And wasn't Mad Men amazing? Zubee zubee zoooooo


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