Monday, March 5, 2012


I wanted to first thank everyone for your comments, tweets, text messages, emails and IG messages. Your messages have helped me through one of the roughest day of being a mom and I am so grateful for them and will respond in the next few days. After I wrote my last post about what happened in the ER I tried to call the hospital again to get an update on Scott. The nurse wasn't being helpful again and when I asked her when my husband might be released she said "unless there is a miracle your husband will not be released tonight". I asked her what that means and she was begin really vague, again telling me that she can't give me information because its patient privileged. I reminded her that I am his wife and she still wouldn't give me any information. Emotionally spent from not getting answers, crying because I was worried that my husband was seriously sick and running on one hour of sleep from taking care of my son who still had liquid diarrhea I decided that we are going to go to the hospital to see if my husband is okay. Right when I pulled up in the hospital parking lot Scott texted me saying he was sorry that he wasn't able to speak on the phone that he is now awake and is about to be released. I called him and let him know that I am parking and told him what the nurse said and how she wouldn't give me any information. 

When we walked into the room Judah was really excited to see his daddy. He just wanted to be on the bed with him or near his bed touching his arm. The nurse who was then nicer did confirm that Scott was going to be released.

The Dr. said that Scott can only be released if he can keep his lunch down. Since Scott is Type 1 diabetic with an already high blood sugar (it was in the 600's most of that day) we had to wait for the hospitals insulin to kick in.  They have the old version of insulin so it takes around 2 hours to kick in instead of 15 mins. Judah didn't mind hanging out with daddy on his hospital bed. We just had to keep the bed controls and iv wires away from him.

Judah was curious and explored every inch of that room. I kept putting purell on his hands. I did take him down to the hospital cafeteria to get him out of the nurses way as she was taking blood from Scott. Judah wasn't to happy with he nurse because he remembered the same thing happening to him the night before. 

When Scott was finally discharged we headed to Target to get some supplies then drove home. Scott brought Judah inside the house and as soon as we walked inside the door Judah puked his entire afternoon meal of water/juice/cheerios onto the kitchen floor, his doggie the hospital gave him and Scott. I took care of the mess while Scott changed Judah. After we gave Judah a bath and Scott took a shower we all piled into the bed and just slept. We woke up for about two hours to eat some soup but fell back asleep till this morning.

 It is very good to have my family back together. The hospital told Scott that since he has a virus that he should take a few days off of work. Im still trying not to get what ever they have.

Judah slept till 10 am and woke up to talk to us for 20 mins, drank some fluids and went back down to sleep. He is still having some liquid diareah and it sounds like he may want to throw up at times. The Dr's did give us an anti-nausa medication for Judah.

The Dr's told Scott that he picked up a stomach virus. After doing some research we realized that Scott and Judah shared a meal on Saturday that I did not touch. After the froyo that we all shared we went to "The Counter" a burger place in the Reston Town Center. Judah and Scott shared a slider kids meal with fries. I didn't touch the meal at all. We also found out that a local elementary School right next to the Reston Town Center was closed due to a Norovirus outbreak. We did notice a bunch of elementary aged kids walking around the town center on Saturday. I did call the manager this morning of "The Counter" and explained what happened. The timeframe of everything and how I didn't get sick does pinpoint that Scott and Judah might have gotten it from their place of business. We don't think its necessarily food poisoning but we do believe that one of the workers handling the food was in contact with the virus and that is how Scott and Judah got sick. The manager took my information and said he is going to look into it. We are not expecting a response, we just wanted to give them a heads up to prevent the spread of the virus if indeed we got it from their place of business.

Right now, Judah is sleeping again, Im making everyone breakfast and my guys are going to rest for the remainder of the day while I make sure the home is truly disinfected. Nothing like some good ol spring cleaning.

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, encouragement and well wishes. Hopefully we can put this nightmare behind us very quickly and I am very grateful that Scott is okay and that he is home with us now.

Tomorrow we celebrate being married for 2 years!!!! 

Oh and I wanted to share at least one cute picture of Scott and Judah from Saturday at the Reston Town Center.

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  1. Oh my GOSH!!!!! Jess, this sounds horrible - but I am so proud of you for being brave!!! :) Be sure to take some quiet time for yourself - you deserve it sweetie!
    Praying for healing for your boys!
    Love Love

  2. I'm so glad you guys are doing better. I was so worried about you all. xoxoxooxoxo

  3. so glad everyone is home. I hope all keeps getting better!

  4. So happy you are all home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  5. Jess you are doing such an awesome job! Keep up the good work. I'm so glad you are all finally home! Hoping this goes away fast for you guys!


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