Tuesday, March 13, 2012

getting dirty and dumpster diving

I have very fond childhood memories of waking up really early on Saturday mornings with my step mom Dyan and sister Rhonda. We would stop by Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and then head out to hit up as many "tag sales" we could find. I loved combing through each place we stopped at in hopes to find some fantastic treasure. Since we grew up going to tag sales, thrift stores and dumpster diving we have become pretty good at finding really great items. I remembered if my step mom ever wanted to "redecorate" our living room we would find out which night was trash night in the nice areas of the neighborhood and go drive around that night to see if anyone was throwing out anything good. This was allot of fun, till you hit high school and you just feel like you are "to cool" for other peoples trash. But now that I am an adult I not only still have my love for finding the cutest cloths at thrift stores but I have also found a love for dumpster diving.

Judahs daily outfits are typically 90% thrifted. For example for his outfit yesterday the vest and jeans are from unique (around $2) and his shoes which are Yo Gabba Gabba vans (retail around $40) I found at the Salvation Army for $3 last fall. The shirt is from Etsy. 

Today, Judahs vintage 70s vest  and jeans are from Unique ($4) and the shirt is one that Scott brought back for Judah from London 

Yesterday evening while we were walking around our neighborhood it happened to be the night before trash day. Since we have some college students and some renters in our community we have people that actually leave great stuff on the curb. We walked by this one court right next to our home and I spotted these two patio love seats and I told Scott we have to have them. He was hesitant at first because they seemed really dirty. But as we were inspecting them a little boy ran up to us and told us that his mom bought brand new patio furniture and didn't want this anymore. So we took them.

Right next to the Patio furniture was an old painters ladder. I grabbed that as well because I've been trying to think of some storage ideas for my yarn or some cute ideas for my garden.

Today while I was washing away all the mud on the patio furniture Judah decided to get into a mud puddle and splash around. I let him, he is a boy and he needs to get dirty. Not only did he get dirty, but I had to rewash the patio furniture because he kept putting his muddy hands all over it and he kept running over to me laughing because he was so muddy and would hug my leg. 

After a good washing they look brand new! I might get some pillows at Target for them or who knows maybe I will actually pull out my sewing machine and make some myself.

Since Judah was already dirty I let him crawl around in his wet jeans outside. 

Then he wanted to explore. 

Once we got inside Judah immediately grabbed is huge Goldfish box. 

Then we listened to some records I thrifted this past weekend. While we were at Unique this weekend a cute college couple saw us sorting through the records and handed us this vintage Disney Songs for Bedtime record. Judah loves it! I like to pick him up when the record is on and dance with him around the living room. This may be why this is his favorite record. 

Our mini record collection is growing!

Tomorrow I will be posting an update on my weight loss journey! I have been catching up on my running this week since my guys were sick last week and needed me to take care of them!

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  1. great find with the patio furniture!! knowing you can thrift so many good items it's hard to ever pay full price.

    can't wait to see what you do with the ladder ;)

  2. Isn't it great finding good stuff for free! :)
    My husband calls me a hoarder because I like to bring home things I find on the curbs.

    YAY for getting dirty and muddy! All boys (and girls) need to do that!


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