Friday, March 9, 2012

end of the week

I had all these plans and projects for the first week of March but it looked like Judah had other plans for me. I can say he is 95% better. Hasn't thrown up in over 24 hours. Since Scott and Judah have been sick this week, very sick, I've been grinding my teeth pretty bad. I typically grind my teeth when I am stressed about something, but not as bad as I have been grinding them this week and its not even my whole mouth but the root canal that my dentist has been working in. So I had an ER appt with my dentist this afternoon. I was terrified, to the point where I actually threw up before my appt. Scott and Judah joined me so I could relax and try not to stress at the appt. It was perfect timing because the dentist had her daughter in the waiting room and Judah was able to hang out and play with her.

It looks like my root still has a pretty bad infection, that an infection the size of mine would take around 3-4 months to fully heal. I can't take any more antibiotics (thank goodness) because I will start to build a tolerance against them. So right now I am taking some sort of anti-inflammatory medication to see if that will help my ligaments around my tooth that are inflamed from the root canal to stop bothering me so I stop grinding my tooth so I can get a cap next week. 

Besides the sickness of Scott and Judah, my tooth issues, some stuff going on with my family in Connecticut  and the scary armed robbery in our neighborhood this week we have still tried to stay on our running schedule. At first I almost let the fear of the armed robbery get to me, I was pretty fearful that they haven't caught the suspects and I wanted to just hermit myself in our home. But I decide that is going to let them win and I decide that we are going to stick to our running/work out schedule. I walked 3 miles with Scott and Judah a few days ago and then ran yesterday with Judah. I'll do a weigh check in post sometime next week, I wanted to give myself a few days of grace since this past week has been so hard emotionally. 

Here are a few pictures from this week. 

Judah loves to find my unused tampons and teeth on them. I can't seem to hide them in a good location. He is a very sneaky boy. 

He loves being outside, and his favorite park item is the big kid slide. I have to pick him up and actually put him up on the slide and he just scoots down. But his hair gets all static and he looks like a mad scientist. 

This was right after Judahs bath yesterday, he woke up throwing up in the bed. But after a good morning bath, some fluids, he was running around the house dancing and screaming. 

I am going to start making crochet bow ties. Judah was kind enough to be my little model. 

Finished a few more hats for the shop. I am going to slightly increase the hat prices in the next few weeks due to costs of making them.

My little boy is a daring little boy. He now thinks its funny to try to run and jump onto the big kids swing.

Today before Scott came home I walked by the pantry door and tried to kick/close it. I didn't think I kicked it to hard but it came crashing down. Thank goodness Judah was in the other room!

Judah is all smiles again.

Our weekly Wegmans grocery and date night. I think I have a love/hate relationship with the Wegmans train. Judah loves watching it but now throws a very very loud tantrum when we leave the aisle with the train. 

Tomorrow is Saturday, we really wanted to head to DC to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. We were going to take Judah to the History Museum where Scott proposed to me. If the meds haven't wiped me out that's what we will be doing!

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  1. Judah looks like quite the little trooper. I sure hope you recover soon. I can relate to how much of a pain and hassle a root canal can be.

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  2. You have a very lovely family. Your son is so cute. I would suggest that you regularly visit your dentist or the cosmetic dentistry in Omaha to get superior teeth protection.


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