Friday, March 2, 2012

creating pretty things

March is the month for creating pretty things. Ever since my husband and I were dating I dreamt of transforming his backyard to a gorgeous flower garden. The first year we were married I was pregnant and was to sick to do any major planting out back, so Scott just put up a fence in our backyard, last year I was to busy raising an infant so Scott built flower boxes around the walls of the fence. This year I am prepared to tackle the backyard and transform it into something quite heavenly.

Part of todays project is to paint these adorable tiny bird houses I found on sale at Michael's last summer. Judah wanted to help so I cut out the back of a cheerios box and put some watercolor paint on a brush for him.

Judah kept trying to eat the paint brush so I gave him his binky to chew on. He never uses his binky, its only recently he likes to chew on it and pull it out of his mouth. I think he is teething again.

When ever I go to home depot I always check their sale section. I still have this mini canister of blue paint that I bought for 25 cents two summers ago. Its great for the birdhouses. 

One tiny birdhouse done....ten more to go.

This was a fun way to have Judah paint for the first time and I'll be able to frame his little painting and hang our little bird houses.

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1 comment:

  1. You are incredible!!!! :)
    Sorry I haven't commented lately - we got a BOATLOAD of snow on Wednesday and are building snowmen, making snow angels and trying to keep our vehicles out of the ditch!
    I loooove the little bird houses! AND the crocheted daisies you made!!!!!!!!! :)
    Lots of Love to you sweet friend,


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