Friday, March 23, 2012

cherry blossoms in DC

This post may be image heavy, I just couldn't pick out just a few of my favorite pictures from today. 

Today was one of those days that was amazing, but it took allot of work emotionally, physically and mentally to make it amazing. At some points I felt like I just wanted to run and cry, but I stuck with it and I can honestly say that we will look back on today and remember it as an amazing day. 

We decided we were going to finally head into DC and Scott was going to work a half day. So he went into work for a few hours this morning and came home. I was so excited to show him Judah all dressed up in his converse shoes, suspenders and adorable bow tie that I ran him outside to greet Scott when he pulled up. I forgot to unlock the doors and ended up locking us all out. Thank goodness I opened up the front window this morning to allow Judah to scream "hi" at the neighbors dogs and Scott was able to take down the screen window and crawl in to unlock the door for us. 

I always get a little anxious when I get ready to do any type of day trips with Scott and Judah. Not only do I have to figure out what types of things I need to have on hand for Judah through out the day but also Scott is Type 1 diabetic. That can be a bit challenging when trying to get everything ready. When we arrived at the Vienna Metro station I drove around for 20 mins looking for a parking spot. Finally after I was in tears and begging Scott to just let us go back home we found a spot. We hopped on the metro and we were on a mission to find a the DC Lobster Truck. I mixed up the metro stops and I accidentally had us get off a bit further than we needed to, also my map application on my iPhone was freezing so we really didn't have any idea where we were walking. So we guessed which streets to go down and ran/walked about 10 blocks to make it to the Lobster truck before they sold out for the day. We have been wanting to go to this truck for about a year now and I've been following their twitter, they always sell out. Honestly, it was worth the walk/run and wait. Everyone in line was in a great mood, they had great music coming out of the truck (Judahs favorite Bob Marely) and the lobster rolls are delicious, also the truck owner gave us a free Arnold Palmer because Judah smiled at him. 

Scott is a genius, he filled up his camel pack with some orange juice in case his blood sugar dropped really low. This was also great for Judah because he could just grab and drink out of it when ever he wanted to. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever. 

After stopping by my favorite DC restaurant "Julia's Empanada's" we walked over to Dupont Circle. I think part of me being so emotional today was because my heart was a mess because this was the first time in over ten years that I've gone to DC and have not seen my best friend Thomas. He moved to Peru last year and I really miss my friend.

Judah loved walking around and checking out the people and the cars driving around the circle.

After our picnic lunch at Dupont circle we headed back to the metro and headed towards the Washington Monument. Today was essentially the last day to see the Cherry Blossoms since its going to rain this weekend and will probably wash away most of the blossoms. 

The crowds were insane, we were a bit frustrated that people in the crowds kept shoving us, especially when we crossed the street. We took one of Judah's old strollers so we couldn't easily push the stroller up the street curbs and really needed the crosswalk area. We were hot and I started to second guess our trip. But then I looked up and saw the Washington Monument in a sea of cherry blossoms. I forgot the crowds, forgot the heat and I forgot how my legs were aching from walking 10 miles. The wind started to pick up and cherry blossom petals were floating all around us. 

We decided to stop and let Judah stretch out his legs and run around in the grass. Other kids were running nearby and Judah was trying to run with them.

We wanted to walk closer to the Tidal Basin and stopped for  a few pictures. 

Judah liked to pull the blossoms off the trees! 

Finally after a few pictures we decided to grab some patriotic ice-cream, say our goodbyes to the Washington Monument and head home before the metro got super crowded with rush hour traffic. 

Judah was wiped out from the trip. 

Scott went back to work for a few hours, I took Judahs shoes off, carried my sweet boy inside and put him down for a nap. He only napped for ten mins and wanted to play. 

But both of my guys fell asleep early tonight.

Today had allot of rough spots, but the good moments and memories totally erase all the bad stuff. Its hard taking a toddler on the metro into DC, even if you have someone helping you out, but I know we will brave the DC Metro system again because DC is just to beautiful to miss out. 

I'm going to join my guys because I am worn out. 

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  1. Your blog is so adorable! I live in the DC area too so I love the pictures :) I'm following your blog, follow mine back?

  2. What a fun trip :) I would've been the same way about planning a trip (no diabetes but I have celiac, so we can't just eat anywhere). I've been wanting to take Rob to DC for years because I know he'd love all the historical stuff. Great photos!

    1. Oh my goodness if you came up you have a place to stay (no kidding!) we have a guest room downstairs w your own bathroom ect :-)

      DC is a great place to visit, almost all of the museums are free and we have some pretty awesome historic places in Northern VA (right outside of DC)

      I've actually thought of asking my Dr if I can be tested for celiacs, my stomach has not been the same since I had Judah and one of my bridesmaids who has it thought I had it years ago.

      Come visit! :-)

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful day!!!

  4. Cutest boy! Looks like you guys had a wonderful day! :)


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