Monday, March 19, 2012

answered heart yearnings

Ten years ago I used to live down the street from my current home. Scott and I often joke that we might have "bumped" into each other at the grocery store or local coffee shop. Back then I wasn't the type of girl Scott would have dated. He had a list and ten years ago I wasn't the type of girl that was on that list. I probably wouldn't have dated him either, he was a worship leader at a local church and had allot of admirers, I was a girl coming out of the club/rave scene with a past who kinda thought worship leaders were full of themselves. Since I thought this about every worship leader I met then I would have automatically put this label on Scott and not gotten to know him to find out that he is not full of himself at all. Back then I was trying to find out who the Lord was and was changing how I thought about Him and other believers. During this time of my major heart change I used to go to Golds Gym near this park down the street from us. This park held a very special place in my heart. After my work outs I would walk down to the park and just swing and think about my future. I wondered "am I ever going to be married" "will I ever have children" "will I one day take my children to this park" "will my husband love going to the park like I do". All these thoughts and heart yearnings  that I thought would never come to fruition.

Yesterday after our Library run we drove by another park that was packed and I suggested lets go to that one park I always talk about near the old Golds Gym. We stopped by McDonalds grabbed some ice-cream cones and drove to the park. The weather was perfect, in the mid 60s, slightly overcast and you can smell the earth from the soccer players in the field kicking it up. Judah was really excited to see the park and we were excited to see that they have his very own mini playground.

Judah loved being able to crawl through the tunnels with out us hovering over to make sure he wasn't going to fall off the equipment.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw my husband pushing our son on the same swing set that my heart would dream on ten years ago.

Judah tasted sandbox sand for the first time. Decided he didn't like it. 

Playing trucks with daddy.

Serious heart to heart conversations over trucks and the building of roads.

Judah is a mini dare devil like I was, he insisted on going down the slides head first and would laugh hysterically. 

Its the sweetest thing to look back five or ten years to see where the Lord has brought you in life. I never would have guessed that my heart yearnings at this park ten years ago would become a reality. That I would have this amazing husband who not only loves and adores me but also loves and adores our son. That I would have a son that has as much feisty daredevil energy that I had and also the sweet compassionate heart like my husband. I love looking back and seeing where we are today. 
How we are so blessed.

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  1. i love this for you friend :) I saw the pix you posted on instagram, but didn't know the back story :) you make my heart smile!

  2. Amazing, sweet Jess! Your family is precious - and I absolutely LOVE how you spend time together - just the 3 of you! Even just doing the simplest of things... walking to the park, eating a yummy icecream cone :) it's the BEST! What fun, wonderful memories you are making....
    Lots of love to you this week...
    p.s. are you all done with the dentist for awhile??? hope so! <3

  3. How sweet! I could have written this myself. I used to do the same thing.. Swing at the park dreaming of my future. I also take my kids to the same park where I did that dreaming..

  4. Very sweet post. You're a very lucky lady! <33

  5. Aww you seem like a very lucky lady.


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