Wednesday, March 28, 2012

7 hours!

For the first time since I've become a mother I had 7 hours straight of glorious sleep! A few weeks ago Scott and I decided we were going to try transitioning Judah to his crib at night. He has been taking all of his naps in his crib during the day but Scott was still putting Judah to bed at night by allowing Judah to fall asleep next to him on our bed with his last feeding. Since Scott is not a night person he would fall asleep next to Judah which left me with out any Scott time for the day since every waking hour together was spent with Judah. This had to change. Judah's sleeping schedule was affecting our relationship. So I did some research and checked out allot of books from the library and here is what worked for me. (different things will work with different people, you just pick what works best for your family, each family is different and I am sharing what worked for ours). I didn't want Judah to scream when we put him to bed because I don't personally believe in letting him "cry it out". I've done lots of research on this subject and in my heart I can't let my son cry it out. I also wanted Judah to feel comfortable with the move since he has grown so attached to us through co-sleeping. We love being able to co-sleep with our son. I think our co-sleeping with him has allowed us to build a stronger relationship with Judah. Scott says it helps him to be able to be around Judah more since he misses out so much by being at work and it helped me build a stronger mother son bond especially since I couldn't nurse anymore after 4 months. So my plan for Judah's transition was to make his room a place he wants to be in. For the past few weeks I brought up some of his toys and in the mornings, after naps and in the evenings we have some play time in his room.  I started this for when he does wake up in the middle of the night he won't feel like he is in a strange place that's only for daytime naps. Also I allowed Judah to have one of my pillows in his bed. He has always been a cuddler and he likes to steal my pillows. The pillow I stuck in his bed is a bit flatter because it has been used so much by me and it has my smell on it. Judah will actually pick the pillow up and squeeze it really tight and sniff at it. He gets excited when he sees this pillow. I also have a few of his "doggies" in his crib so he can cuddle or talk to and he has his toy dog Scout that actually has a button for "sleep time". Judah likes to yawn when Scout makes the yawn sound and Scott and I will also make an exaggerated yawn sound when we press the button. Also we now have a routine. At night we will give Judah a bath, he gets his baby massages with lavender baby lotion, he gets a bottle and we will pile up on our bed and read him three books (sometimes more) and then we will place him in his crib. He likes his routine so much he now says "bye bye" when we place him down to sleep. For the past two weeks his sleep schedule in the crib has been increasing by a half an hour each night. When he wakes up I typically scoop him up and let him sleep the final morning hours in our bed with us because lets be honest I love my morning hugs and kisses from Judah. But last night Scott woke me up at one point and said "Judah is still sleeping in his crib!" and I asked "what time is it?" and Scott said it was 6, I then panicked a little and said "go check to see if he is still alive!!". Scott checked in on him and Judah was alive and sleeping. He woke up a few hours later only to come back to my bed to snuggle and he slept a few more hours.

I had no idea what to do since Judah is normally up so I just sat next to him, watched his chest rise and fall to his breathing and crochet granny squares. 

His sweet head even rolled over on my arm before waking up with a big well rested smile. 

I'm not sure if its our scheduled or these adorable feety jammies that helped Judah sleep in. What ever it was I am truly grateful for my 7 hours of sleep! It took us awhile to really get our day started. I don't think we knew what to do since we both were so well rested. 

I finally decided to take Judah over to Burke lake park for a 2.40 mile run. 

The park is gorgeous, a handful of other mama runners were out and some people walking their dogs but for the most part it was just Judah and I. I felt like I was walking through one of the forests I grew up next to in Germany. Birds chipping, the running trail had violets popping up on the sides and every bend in the trail you would take your breath away. 

The lake was very serene today. A few fisherman were hanging out on the edges. 

After our run we stopped by a field for a banana break, stretching, playing with cars and Judah chased a few butterflies. 

My silly boy insisted on wearing my headband and was shaking his puff can everywhere and dancing. 

He makes me laugh.

I'm so grateful for 7 whole hours of non interrupted sleep. I am praying that this is a new chapter in parenthood called "Amazing nights of sleep". 

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  1. we did the same thing with wolf...normally when he cries more then a couple minuets that means hes not ready for bed. and wolf loves his cuddles in his bed with him...pillows,blankies, and special softies. so happy this is work out for you!

    1. Wolfie and Judah must be long lost cousins :-) same style...well lets be honest wolfie has more style than Judah (hint sell his cloths to me hint) ;-)
      I love how Judah cuddles, tonight he needed extra cuddles because Scott changed his diaper in his crib and he ended up peeing all over his crib accidentally and he felt horrible and started crying really bad. So after he was changed and Scott changed the bed I took Judah and just cuddled him and sang him songs, after about 10 mins he wanted back in his crib to sleep. I agree if Judah cries to much, he is just not ready.

  2. So glad ou guys are settling into the new routine so well! I don't have kids so I have no idea how hard it is, but sounds like you guys are happy and that's what matters!

    1. Oh Caitlin you will never know lack of sleep till your in the same home as an infant ;-) I used to go for days with out sleep when I worked with high school students, just drink a red bull and I was good to go. With a baby its a whole different game. But yes we are so happy with the transition :-) Hopefully this means more sleep for me and I think this is one of the main reasons why its so hard to lose the weight/Im not sleeping ever! :-)

  3. Here's to more nights of more sleep!
    Judah is such a cutie. I need to get into shape so I can start running again! I miss running. I just have to figure out how to do it with three kiddos!

    1. Oh I hope so!
      Thank you so much, he just steals my heart every day :-)
      You can do a fast walk! I am doing the elliptical and the walk/run/couch to 5 k plan before I hit up the gym again. My husband said that walking for 30+ mins at a time can be just as good as running, it gets your heart rate up AND you are not pounding on your knees/feet :-)

      Have you heard of free cycle? Its where I was actually able to get the elliptical for my house (it was free) and when Judah was born I was able to score a 2 baby running stroller. I ended up selling the stroller bc I felt silly running w only Judah in it. But I bet you can get something like that as well. Go look up "free Cycle" in your area. Its a yahoo group :-)

  4. I love taking the kids out for nature run/walks! Most of our favorite memories and moments of greatest thrills happened while out exploring our world. Congrats on the 7 hour sleep...can't say I miss those days/nights! :)

    1. Me to! I can't wait till Judah is a bit older so we can actually catch butterflies or watch worms or something :-)

      Oh I so need these long stretches of sleep, so thankful its finally happening :-)


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