Saturday, March 31, 2012

once a month crazies

Once a month I'm a bit more emotionally intense than normal. I crave Starbucks, pringles, cry over anything and my hair gets unbearably oily. This intensity hits me days before I start my period and I've noticed after I had Judah my cravings and oily hair has gotten worse than they were before I was pregnant. I think this week I feel more emotionally intense than most months because I feel all out of whack from the three separate antibiotics my dentist has given me and they have thrown me off schedule. Not only have I wanted Starbucks all week (only caved twice) but I'm going nuts with my hair. Yesterday as I was trying to do something different to hide how oily it looked I noticed a handful of grey strands and thought I need to dye my hair as soon as possible or I am really going to look like a young grandma who likes to crochet. 

My hairstylist Thomas is in Peru so I couldn't call him for a quick appointment DC or advice on what to do. I decided I don't have time to find a local salon with a great stylist and to be honest all great stylist have longer wait times than the Dr's office at Kaiser. When its that time of the month I don't have days to wait for a hair appointment I have hours to get something done before I change my mind. I decided that I was going to take matters in my own hands and dye my own hair at home, I couldn't do that much damage to it since I already cut my bangs earlier this week. Again I get emotionally intense this time of the month, even when it comes to my hair. A good friend of mine who has a similar hair color suggested I get Clairol "golden medium brown". She said it wouldn't cause to much damage because the last time I had my hair dyed (at a salon to get all my platinum blond out) was over 7 years ago and I currently had all virgin hair. Before I could change my mind I made a quick trip to Target, bought the dye and while Scott was playing with Judah downstairs I dyed my hair. After a shower, quick blow-dry and style I decided that I like the hair color and that I  didn't do to much damage to it by dying it on my own. I could still go for a good haircut but I think I can hold off till May when Thomas comes back from Peru, hopefully I won't get to emotionally intense next month and decide to cut my hair shorter. Or on second thought...maybe I should just play it safe and have Scott hide the cutting shears.

Yesterday before all my hair drama Judah and I stopped by the post office to mail out some orders and went to a new Starbucks. It was closer to the post office and near a doggie park. Since we don't have a dog yet, I might as well let Judah wave at other peoples dogs. 

He liked the playground near the doggie park. I thought it looked kinda boring but Judah really enjoyed the swings and the slides. He even pushed himself off one of the slides and he hit his but on the ground. I tried not to freak out as he stood up, but he looked at me and laughed and did it again. 
He is such a boy. 

We also stopped by this toy store near the Starbucks and I got Judah this doggie bath set. the spots "wash away" when placed in warm water. Judah loves them and wants to carry them around the house and play with them in his bath. 

After our starbucks/dogpark adventure I took Judah home for his nap received the sweetest package from one of my blogger mama friends Renee! She sent us two adorable cloth books and the sweetest little knickers for Judah! Renee has a vintage etsy store and always updates her shop with the cutest stuff! 

As soon as Judah woke up from his nap I had him model the knickers for me with one of his bow ties. I now want him to wear these knickers ever single day! Hopefully tomorrow I can get him to do a mini photo shoot for my step moms birthday. 

My last favorite picture from Friday night is Judah with his pillow. He now carries this thing all over the house and Friday night he had it in his mouth and was holding up his finger as to say
 "my pillow is #1". He makes me laugh so much.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

color and growth

This morning I headed out to our usual Thursday thrift spot . While looking through the toddler shoes for Judah this woman next to us tried to touch his hand. I knew she was doing this because he was smiling, saying hi and frantically blowing kisses at everyone. I did what I normally do and pushed the cart a bit forward to "pretend" to look at something else to give the lady a "hint" to not touch my child. She got really offended, more so than any stranger in the past who has tried to touch Judah and she started to loudly announce to her friends and everyone with in earshot that I was a bad mom and that Judah and I are "dumb and dumber". I felt tears stinging my eyes and I wanted to tear her down verbally for saying those things about Judah and I. But instead I turned my back from her biting words and walked away to another part of the thrift store. This is huge as far as growth in my heart for me. You ask why. Well lets go back 10 years when I used to be a regular in the DC club scene, I know that if someone said something mean to me then, because it has happened, I would have had torn that person apart verbally till they felt like they were nothing. I hated that I was good at this and I would feel so much guilt after I would do such a thing. So 10 years ago after one particularly bad bar fight, I decided I needed to change. I don't want to verbally tear someone apart, I want to encourage and uplift someone. When that woman today verbally tried to humiliate Judah and I in the thrift store I thought, I can verbally attack her back and make her feel worthless in front of her friends and the customers. But if I did that she would probably get in my face, I would risk making my son feel fearful and unsafe and actually putting him in harms way because that woman was crazy enough to verbally attack me in the first place for me not wanting her to touch my son. I don't want Judah to feel unsafe or scared and I don't want him growing up to see his mama fight, verbally or physically. I don't want him to see that tearing someone apart is okay. So instead, I walked away. Although my heart was hurting and I just wanted to hide and cry from being hurt and humiliated, I knew it was best to walk away from the situation and from this crazy woman. And you know what, Judah didn't see his mama lose it, he saw me take the higher road. That's growth and that's teaching my son to do the right thing. This isn't the first time some stranger has acted a little odd after me moving Judah so they don't touch them, and I am sure it won't be the last. I mean how adorable is he?! If I saw him I would be drawn to him as well, then you add the sweet smiles and the blowing of kisses. I don't want to make him stop blowing kisses to people, its just his sweet little heart overflowing with love for other people. I don't want to take that from him. I want him to keep that part of him intact, I don't want it tainted.

When I did walk back to the area after the lady left. I did find the biggest bag of perfect vintage lace, maybe it was a hidden blessing for keeping my cool with the crazy lady. I'll be using this to wrap orders leaving my shop.

I decided during Judah's nap to organize all my color! I still have more yarn upstairs that I have to organize.  Looking at all the pretty colors made me happy, and made me realize I need to brainstorm on ideas how to store all my pretty yarn. 

I organized all the gift tags for my shop. 

Then once Judah woke up we went outside to play with chalk and some balls I thrifted for him. He posed with his mustache and did a decent job of not eating to much of the chalk.

Awhile back I painted a bunch of mason jars that I am going to string up around my yard to hold flowers in (once my flowers start to grow a bit more). For now the jars make the perfect holding spot for the chalk. We may have to get more chalk at Target soon since we both like to color everything and Judah occasionally tries to take a bite out of them. 

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

7 hours!

For the first time since I've become a mother I had 7 hours straight of glorious sleep! A few weeks ago Scott and I decided we were going to try transitioning Judah to his crib at night. He has been taking all of his naps in his crib during the day but Scott was still putting Judah to bed at night by allowing Judah to fall asleep next to him on our bed with his last feeding. Since Scott is not a night person he would fall asleep next to Judah which left me with out any Scott time for the day since every waking hour together was spent with Judah. This had to change. Judah's sleeping schedule was affecting our relationship. So I did some research and checked out allot of books from the library and here is what worked for me. (different things will work with different people, you just pick what works best for your family, each family is different and I am sharing what worked for ours). I didn't want Judah to scream when we put him to bed because I don't personally believe in letting him "cry it out". I've done lots of research on this subject and in my heart I can't let my son cry it out. I also wanted Judah to feel comfortable with the move since he has grown so attached to us through co-sleeping. We love being able to co-sleep with our son. I think our co-sleeping with him has allowed us to build a stronger relationship with Judah. Scott says it helps him to be able to be around Judah more since he misses out so much by being at work and it helped me build a stronger mother son bond especially since I couldn't nurse anymore after 4 months. So my plan for Judah's transition was to make his room a place he wants to be in. For the past few weeks I brought up some of his toys and in the mornings, after naps and in the evenings we have some play time in his room.  I started this for when he does wake up in the middle of the night he won't feel like he is in a strange place that's only for daytime naps. Also I allowed Judah to have one of my pillows in his bed. He has always been a cuddler and he likes to steal my pillows. The pillow I stuck in his bed is a bit flatter because it has been used so much by me and it has my smell on it. Judah will actually pick the pillow up and squeeze it really tight and sniff at it. He gets excited when he sees this pillow. I also have a few of his "doggies" in his crib so he can cuddle or talk to and he has his toy dog Scout that actually has a button for "sleep time". Judah likes to yawn when Scout makes the yawn sound and Scott and I will also make an exaggerated yawn sound when we press the button. Also we now have a routine. At night we will give Judah a bath, he gets his baby massages with lavender baby lotion, he gets a bottle and we will pile up on our bed and read him three books (sometimes more) and then we will place him in his crib. He likes his routine so much he now says "bye bye" when we place him down to sleep. For the past two weeks his sleep schedule in the crib has been increasing by a half an hour each night. When he wakes up I typically scoop him up and let him sleep the final morning hours in our bed with us because lets be honest I love my morning hugs and kisses from Judah. But last night Scott woke me up at one point and said "Judah is still sleeping in his crib!" and I asked "what time is it?" and Scott said it was 6, I then panicked a little and said "go check to see if he is still alive!!". Scott checked in on him and Judah was alive and sleeping. He woke up a few hours later only to come back to my bed to snuggle and he slept a few more hours.

I had no idea what to do since Judah is normally up so I just sat next to him, watched his chest rise and fall to his breathing and crochet granny squares. 

His sweet head even rolled over on my arm before waking up with a big well rested smile. 

I'm not sure if its our scheduled or these adorable feety jammies that helped Judah sleep in. What ever it was I am truly grateful for my 7 hours of sleep! It took us awhile to really get our day started. I don't think we knew what to do since we both were so well rested. 

I finally decided to take Judah over to Burke lake park for a 2.40 mile run. 

The park is gorgeous, a handful of other mama runners were out and some people walking their dogs but for the most part it was just Judah and I. I felt like I was walking through one of the forests I grew up next to in Germany. Birds chipping, the running trail had violets popping up on the sides and every bend in the trail you would take your breath away. 

The lake was very serene today. A few fisherman were hanging out on the edges. 

After our run we stopped by a field for a banana break, stretching, playing with cars and Judah chased a few butterflies. 

My silly boy insisted on wearing my headband and was shaking his puff can everywhere and dancing. 

He makes me laugh.

I'm so grateful for 7 whole hours of non interrupted sleep. I am praying that this is a new chapter in parenthood called "Amazing nights of sleep". 

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

mad men and a winner

In honor of Mad Mens season premier tonight I wanted to share with you a picture of my sister Rhonda and brother in law Man Men photo shoot. Isn't my sister just stunning? Not only are my sister and brother in law a ridiculously good looking couple but they are truly some of the nicest people and are pretty hysterical and obviously have great style. Once I get back to my dream weight I'm having my Rhonda go out with me shopping, maybe she will let me borrow this dress!  

For our Sunday we decided to hang out at the Dulles Town Center.  We had a great time letting Judah run all over the place. Stopped by Nordstroms for the free kiddy balloon, let Judah visit with the Easter Bunny (he is not afraid), Judah played with the bigger kids in the mall play area and watched the mall train go around. A very busy day for a very active boy. 

We also had a mini lunch snack at the kiddie table, Judah had to "cheers" all his french fries with Scott.

Then we stopped by Wegmans in Ashburn because they had the most beautiful cherry blossom trees aligning the parking lot.  We found an area where the blossoms were not dirty from car tires and took some pictures. 

Its totally normally to take a nap in a pile of cherry blossom petals right? 

We finished our Cherry Blossom detour with a visit at the park next to Wegmans.

...and finally the moment you have all been waiting for....
The Winners for this weekends My Charming Colors Weekend  giveaways are

For the Dinosaur hat Ms Shelby Egles-mckinnon  is the winner. Please contact me on Facebook and let me know your address so I can mail you your hat!

For the Daisy Mary Jane's, Marisa Wilson is the winner, please contact me on Facebook so I can get your address to mail you your shoes. 

Thank you all for entering the contest. I am going to giveaway some cute Elephant hats in the next two weeks! Make sure you like the Facebook page so you can stay up to date with the giveaways.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

cherry blossoms in DC

This post may be image heavy, I just couldn't pick out just a few of my favorite pictures from today. 

Today was one of those days that was amazing, but it took allot of work emotionally, physically and mentally to make it amazing. At some points I felt like I just wanted to run and cry, but I stuck with it and I can honestly say that we will look back on today and remember it as an amazing day. 

We decided we were going to finally head into DC and Scott was going to work a half day. So he went into work for a few hours this morning and came home. I was so excited to show him Judah all dressed up in his converse shoes, suspenders and adorable bow tie that I ran him outside to greet Scott when he pulled up. I forgot to unlock the doors and ended up locking us all out. Thank goodness I opened up the front window this morning to allow Judah to scream "hi" at the neighbors dogs and Scott was able to take down the screen window and crawl in to unlock the door for us. 

I always get a little anxious when I get ready to do any type of day trips with Scott and Judah. Not only do I have to figure out what types of things I need to have on hand for Judah through out the day but also Scott is Type 1 diabetic. That can be a bit challenging when trying to get everything ready. When we arrived at the Vienna Metro station I drove around for 20 mins looking for a parking spot. Finally after I was in tears and begging Scott to just let us go back home we found a spot. We hopped on the metro and we were on a mission to find a the DC Lobster Truck. I mixed up the metro stops and I accidentally had us get off a bit further than we needed to, also my map application on my iPhone was freezing so we really didn't have any idea where we were walking. So we guessed which streets to go down and ran/walked about 10 blocks to make it to the Lobster truck before they sold out for the day. We have been wanting to go to this truck for about a year now and I've been following their twitter, they always sell out. Honestly, it was worth the walk/run and wait. Everyone in line was in a great mood, they had great music coming out of the truck (Judahs favorite Bob Marely) and the lobster rolls are delicious, also the truck owner gave us a free Arnold Palmer because Judah smiled at him. 

Scott is a genius, he filled up his camel pack with some orange juice in case his blood sugar dropped really low. This was also great for Judah because he could just grab and drink out of it when ever he wanted to. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever. 

After stopping by my favorite DC restaurant "Julia's Empanada's" we walked over to Dupont Circle. I think part of me being so emotional today was because my heart was a mess because this was the first time in over ten years that I've gone to DC and have not seen my best friend Thomas. He moved to Peru last year and I really miss my friend.

Judah loved walking around and checking out the people and the cars driving around the circle.

After our picnic lunch at Dupont circle we headed back to the metro and headed towards the Washington Monument. Today was essentially the last day to see the Cherry Blossoms since its going to rain this weekend and will probably wash away most of the blossoms. 

The crowds were insane, we were a bit frustrated that people in the crowds kept shoving us, especially when we crossed the street. We took one of Judah's old strollers so we couldn't easily push the stroller up the street curbs and really needed the crosswalk area. We were hot and I started to second guess our trip. But then I looked up and saw the Washington Monument in a sea of cherry blossoms. I forgot the crowds, forgot the heat and I forgot how my legs were aching from walking 10 miles. The wind started to pick up and cherry blossom petals were floating all around us. 

We decided to stop and let Judah stretch out his legs and run around in the grass. Other kids were running nearby and Judah was trying to run with them.

We wanted to walk closer to the Tidal Basin and stopped for  a few pictures. 

Judah liked to pull the blossoms off the trees! 

Finally after a few pictures we decided to grab some patriotic ice-cream, say our goodbyes to the Washington Monument and head home before the metro got super crowded with rush hour traffic. 

Judah was wiped out from the trip. 

Scott went back to work for a few hours, I took Judahs shoes off, carried my sweet boy inside and put him down for a nap. He only napped for ten mins and wanted to play. 

But both of my guys fell asleep early tonight.

Today had allot of rough spots, but the good moments and memories totally erase all the bad stuff. Its hard taking a toddler on the metro into DC, even if you have someone helping you out, but I know we will brave the DC Metro system again because DC is just to beautiful to miss out. 

I'm going to join my guys because I am worn out. 

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