Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will you be "our" Valentine

Its not secret I love Valentines day. What you may not know, Scott and I "meet" in November 3 years ago, and had our first date (game night at a friends night) on Jan 1st and that entire month of January he invited me to several events with friends. I always wondered with my girlfriends if Scott really liked me because we never went on a real date. The week of Valentines approached and Scott actually asked me out on a real dinner date with just the two of us. Scott asking me out was all the excitement in the Women's  and Small Groups ministry at my old job at McLean Bible Church. We as any normal group of girls being asked out on a date by a very attractive and incredibly sweet guy were trying to figure out if he "really liked me" and he must because he asked me out on the week of Valentines day. Since Scott was picking me up at my job,  I  brought in several dresses to try on for my girlfriends to see which one would be the "cutest" for our first real date. After that date we had another date on Valentines day where we babysat a friends baby and watched finding memo together and that was the start of Scott asking me out on real dates. 
My husband, best friend, the man who woo'd me over Gregorian chants, gifting me a huge stuffed goat and trying to beat me at settlers of catan. Will you be my valentine? 

Also Judah "mustache" everyone a question....

Will you be "our" valentine, Judah is holding out his heart for you.

Have a wonderful Valentines day everyone!!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day, cutest family ever!

  2. what a great story! that last picture is too cute.


  4. Great blog post!!!! :D
    Love Judah's mustache!!!! He's adorable! <3


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