Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why I love Virginia Beach

I'm literally over the moon every time my husband has to travel to Virginia Beach for work. Its not to far from where we live so Judah and I can always drive down with him to spend a few days or weeks on the beach. My husband was asking me on the way down today "Why do you love Virginia Beach so much?" and I started thinking why this place gives me the warm fuzzies.

We vacationed in Virginia Beach when I was pregnant with Judah, and it was the first time in my pregnancy that I felt Judah move. I found out the day we got back from our vacation that I was having a baby boy and knew his name was going to be Judah.

Virginia Beach is the first work vacation we took Judah on. He was so tiny and it was still really cold outside so I stayed holed up in the hotel with him the entire time. 

Judah's first time seeing the ocean.

Judah just wanted to snuggle and nurse that entire week. 

The third time we visited Virginia Beach. Judah turned 5 months, this trip was bitter sweet because it was the last time Judah would nurse . I still beat myself up over being to stressed over family issues and thinking I should have tried harder to make sure I could keep my milk.

But tears were turned into smiles because of my son. That week Judah started to show his true sweet personality. 

He also saw his first Monster Truck

This is also the trip that Judah rolled over for the first time. I remember watching him in his pack and play as he rolled over and over and over and would laugh at himself.

That weekend I spent my first mothers day with my husband and son on Virginia Beach

Today I almost cancelled out on going with my husband to the beach. Judah has been teething, I'm still recovering from my root canal and I was dreading the drive thinking Judah would scream the entire time. But I remembered all our wonderful first milestones as a family at Virginia Beach and knew that we would have so much fun here this week. 

As soon as we pulled into the hotel parking area, I told Scott "lets go see the ocean before we checked in, I have a treat for Judah!". So we woke Judah up from his nap (he napped the entire drive) and ran out to the beach. I handed Judah his first Starbucks Cake Pop. 

When we settled in the hotel room I laughed at Judah thinking the room was full of babies. He kept running to all the mirrors and was trying to talk to his reflection.

Then he spent a good 20 mins screaming at the ocean. 

Virginia Beach has a special place in my heart. So many family memories are intertwined in this place and I am looking forward to spending the week here with those I love the most and also seeing some sweet friends of mine. 

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  1. love that you made it there friend... I remember the pictures from last year that y'all took, those are some of my favorites :)

    1. xo thank you sweet friend :-)
      we have had so many good memories from Virginia Beach, tomorrow we are going to have a play date/dinner with one of my IG mama friends and her son. Pizza and letting the boys run around the hotel room ;-) should be good times

  2. This is great!! we go to the same beach every year and i just can't get enough of those memories ;)

    1. Do you guys go to Virginia beach? Let me know if you do because we can do a meet up :-)

      we are headed back down here in May (during the monster truck rally) and we are hitting up Myrtle for a week as well and hopefully Florida :-)
      I LOVE the beach and its even more fun now that I have a kid

  3. This is so precious I could've cried! I love all of your huge milestones taking place in one location. So happy you decided to go again this time. It definitely seems like it was completely worth it!

    1. awe, Virginia Beach is a really special place for our family :-)
      Its totally worth it, I knew as soon as we started out in our car trip, I just had this sense of peace in my heart, and Judah fell asleep so that was an extra bonus ;-)

  4. Awww. I love this. I love Virginia Beach too and loved growing up there. We go to see the monster trucks every year.


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