Saturday, February 18, 2012

weekend jealousy

On the weekends I get jealous. I'm jealous that Judah is all of a sudden my husbands best friend. Normally I am Judah's world, he is a natural mamas boy and he loves to play with me, cuddle with me before naps, talk to me and want me to carry him around. But during the weekends I sometimes feel that I'm the third wheel or that Judah doesn't notice me.  He will throw a fit if Scott walks out of the room with out him, even if its to go to the bathroom. Today Judah actually broke the other baby gate we had bolted into the wall because he was trying to open it to get Scott who walked downstairs for a few minutes. He is very much a daddys boy on the weekends. Like this morning, when Judah just wanted to sit on Scotts lap and he was tugging at his shirt and talking to him in his sweet little baby voice. The whole scene was tugging at my heart as I sat there thinking, Judah tug at my shirt, talk to me. 

Later after a fun afternoon of thrifting with my friend Laura, I came home and tried to take some pictures of Judah and I on the couch. He snuck off it before the first picture. Judahs new favorite ething is to quickly cannon ball off the couch onto the floor. 

Then he decided he wanted to play with my hair.

Right when I was giving up all hope on a nice picture with Judah, my sweet boy decided to give me a hug. My heart just melted and I forgot all about how jealous I get of him and Scott. 

Scott took Judah on a walk this afternoon while I caught up on some crochet orders. 

Then tonight I tried out one of Scott's many juicers. I guess before we were even dating Scott used to have "juicing" parties at the house. He has several juicers and all his friends would bring over weird things to juice and try out. Like onions....gross.

I wanted to try it out since I used to drink Robeks all the time. I looked in our fridge and found some granny smith apples, kale and carrots. Juiced it all up, used a bit to much Kale but I was able to  even  out the taste with some extra granny smith apples slices. I told Scott I would like to be ale to switch out a lunch or breakfast meal with one of my juicer concoctions. 

I used the handheld juicer tonight. Its allot of work but lots of fun. Took me 20 mins to juice about 16 ozs. Tomorrow we are going to Wegmans to pick up more apples, kale, carrots, ginger root, lemons, pears, celery and beets. Do you juice? Have any good recipes? We have several juicers, blenders and a food processor and are able to make just about anything. 

Both my guys passed out early tonight. Tomorrow I'll write a post on some of my thrift finds and also a great craigslist find we were able to snag today!! 


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  1. i know EXACTLY how you feel!
    last weekend, brian had josie for the wknd while i hosted a girls weekend, and the minute they walked in on sunday night... i wanted her to run to me, hug me, and instead she walked up to me and told me "daddy's my favorite!"
    i wanted to crawl into bed and never come out!!! :( children have a way of tugging on our heartstrings like NOTHING else!
    eventually she came around (yaaay!) and things got better... but those moments can be really difficult!
    trying to remind my self to praise Jesus that Josie has a wonderful - loving daddy that she can look up to!
    Can't wait to hear about your thrifting finds!!!

  2. That hug is about the sweetest thing ever :) I almost teared up when I saw that :)


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