Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Raising a boy... lessons from a park

Today I took Judah to one of our favorite parks. As he was running around I was learning that my baby boy was becoming more independent. He was testing the waters of not being so close to mama and running out into the world.

I also learned that he still can't stay to far away from his mama, and he loves to just "talk and swing".

I learned when I least expect it my son will do something daring and unexpected. Like flipping over for the first time to slide on his belly and then laughing that "he did it". 

Or crawling through a tunnel by himself. For 20 mins he walked around the park and keep coming back to the train tunnel, finally when all the kids have left it he decided to try crawling through by himself. 

He is always drawn to things that make loud noises, especially if its a musical noise. 

He likes to stand up in cars to make them go faster. 

Judah is fascinated by anything cars or trucks and likes to play with steering wheels all the time.

Even though Judah is all boy, loves his cars, trucks, getting dirty, is very adventurous and daring, he is still a little sweet heart and loves to display his affections towards others. Like blowing kisses at all the kids in the park. 

Judah loves his daddy time. 

But at the end of the night he still loves to cuddle with his mama.

I really love having a son and learning all the daily lessons of being his mom.

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  1. Oh man he is SO cute! And your park looks awesome. I so, so wish Henry and I could come along and play next time. :)

  2. Ok... that park is INCREDIBLE!!!! :)
    Isn't it amazing what children pick up on and in the blink of an eye gain independence, bravery, boldness... but yet still have that childhood innocense - blowing kisses!!!!! :) He is so precious Jess!
    You da best Mama!!!! :)
    Maggie xo

    1. Thank you maggie, this boy of mine melts my heart every single day, I just love him

      and it is an amazing park!!! If you guys are ever around I would take you and Josie to it! She would never want to leave :-)

  3. What a cute themed park! Love that Scott got to come out with yall. :)

    1. Thanks its super cute! Its huge to! Scott actually joined us at the 2nd park (behind our house) after work ;-)
      Judah loves his parks ha ha ha

  4. That's such a cool park! I'm feeling very envious right now ;).

    And yes...they teach US half the time. Honestly there is so much I've learned in the past 2 years, more than I have learned in the past 10 years!


    1. Yes!!!! You know when I used to go on missions trip we would go having this mentality "what can I teach others" and what I learned after my first one in the garbage slums of cairo is I don't need to teach them anything. They are teaching my heart so much and breaking and molding it into something that is truly beautiful. I think that is what motherhood is about, your child is going to break and mold your heart into a beautiful mothers heart that you wouldn't be able to learn from any textbook or any life experience other than being a mom :-) its one of the greatest things.


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