Monday, February 6, 2012

Playdates and a Challenge

Today I was finally able to host a play date at my house. I've been wanting to do this for awhile because our home is perfect for play dates. Not only does my house sometimes resemble "Toys R Us" from all the thrifted and donated toys I have, but I also have a really cute park in our backyard and a community swimming pool with in walking distance.  So last night I made a batch of funfetti cupcakes with pink frosting. I love baking for people, so if you ever come over for a play date be prepared to be fed some sort of baked treat.

Judah waiting for his friends by the front door this morning. He didn't understand that people were coming over to see him today. I left the front door open so he could scream at all the George Mason students walking to and from class. He wants everyone to be his friend and he doesn't understand that people don't like screaming babies. Once he saw Mina and Bryce he had the biggest smile on his face. 

Playing in the front living room. I love how Mina can climb over/on top or around everything.

I think they look like they could be cousins. They are only a month apart. 

Judah is in love with Bryce, he would just follow her around and try to play with each toy she was playing with or just stare at her if he got really close. Hanging out with other kids helps me teach Judah about "sharing". 

The after picture of one of my living rooms.

Living room 2. I love that it looked like a "kid tornado" came through. Toys are really not that bad to pick up, especially since Judah fell right to sleep for his nap after his friends left. He was exhausted from all the fun he had. 

When Judah got up from his nap I decided to take him on a walk. Last week I read about Mandy's Mom walk challenge.  We didn't have that much time before Scott came home from work but I decided that's not going to stop us from getting some exercise. Plus Judah loves our walks. 

We walked 2 miles in 34 mins. We did have plenty of "dog petting" stops along the way. When we leave for Virginia Beach tomorrow my plan is to take Judah on walks every single day.

You can join in on the mom walks by visiting Mandy's blog below. Let me know if you decide to do the "Mom Walk Challenge" I know I always feel a million times better when I come back from a walk/run with Judah. Its a great way to kick those winter blues. 

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  1. Replies
    1. I had to give my friend Amanda most of them bc I don't trust myself with all those cupcakes :-)

  2. Sounds like a great day! I totally agree with on the exercise making you feel a million times better, I would go crazy without it!

    1. Me to! My husband can totally tell if I skip a few days not working out, he actually will then either encourage me to work out or to offer to pay for me to take a nap bc I get so cranky ;-)

  3. Ok.... I want a playdate at your house!!!! Those cupcakes look SOOOO yummy!!! :) Then you can come to a playdate at my house and I will make us pumpkin/chocolate chip bread, ok? :)
    Have an AWESOME time on your vacation!!! :)
    Sending lots of love and safe travels!

    1. Oh my goodness I would love to have you over!! We could bake together! Let the kiddos play :-)
      Thank you sweet friend

  4. that is an awesome challenge! i wish i walked more when Lj was little.
    PS- You've been tagged... come visit me to see why :)

    1. I hope to keep up the challenge, I'll do good for a few weeks then I'll totally slack. I need motivation, thinking of signing up scott and I for a DC race (tiny one) so I can push Judah :-)

      Saw your post! Your hysterical, I am going to try to do this tomorrow when we get to the beach :-)

  5. Those cupcakes look delicious! And my house looks the same way after playdates, but it's so worth it for the extra long nap that my son takes afterwards. :D

  6. I love the pink cupcakes - way too cute! :)

  7. Such a fun playdate! Maybe Judah has a new little crush as well. You better watch out! ;)

  8. mmm funfetti cupcakes, my fav! Looks like you guys had a great play date!

  9. your little man is SO cute! love his name too. if we had a boy we were going to name him Judah. so cute. ; )

  10. The challenge sounds like fun! I might join you!!


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