Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday laughs with a dance video

I feel like the past three months have been the season of tummy bugs for me. Last night I spent most of the night in the bathroom and haven't been able to hold down fluids all morning. Scott and I figured it was probably from the eggs I bought at Target before we left for our beach vacation and the massive amounts of amoxicillin I have been on with my tooth. They put me on two rounds of the treatment in just one month. The eggs from Target looked kinda funny but I wanted a protein snack yesterday and ate a boiled one. A few hours later my body hated me. 

Scott went to the office for a few hours and was able to come back to work from home today. My two guys have been doing a wonderful job of making me laugh....first off with this dance video.... I don't know where my husband learned his dance moves but I am pretty sure if I saw him out on the dance floor back in my club/rave days I probably would have befriended him because he is hysterical. 

(Im not even kidding this video will bring tears to your eyes)

Judahs pants no longer fit him, meaning he actually is starting to really thin out like his daddy and grow tall so his pants that used to fit him are to big. But he likes to walk around with saggy paints. Oh and don't mind the mess in the background, Judah was all about throwing puffs and playing with his toys. 

Early this morning (7:30 am) watching a Youtube Lullaby. Judah now wants to get up at 7:30 am. I thought this would be a phase the would go away once we were back from the beach but it looks like its Judahs new schedule. I actually don't mind it because he goes to bed in his crib earlier at night. 

Wearing his wig and playing his piano. 

Daddy hugs.

Praying my stomach bug goes away soon and that I enter a season where I don't have any stomach bugs for a very very very long time. They are the worst. I feel like I am pregnant all over again with throwing up.

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  1. ohhhh sweetie :( i am so sorry your tummy has been icky! praying praying praying that you are healed! feeling icky and trying to be a mommy and wife at the same time are HARD! keep me posted!
    that video just made my ENTIRE day!!!! :) LOVED IT!
    Sweet prayers to you...
    <3 <3 <3

  2. The wig picture is so cute!
    I hope you're feeling better!


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