Thursday, January 26, 2012


I didn't blog yesterday because I was exhausted and while I am typing this during Judah's nap I'm looking at my words and they seem all sorts of funny to me. The good news is that Scott comes home tonight! He took an early flight and left London this morning! Yesterday morning I couldn't drink my hot coffee fast enough because I was chasing Judah all over the place. This week I feel like life has been in the fast lane, maybe its because I'm exhausted and Judah now resembles a baby roadrunner zooming around the house laughing and screaming because he wants his mommy to catch him. I know in a few weeks I'll look back and smile, my son is like me, he is feisty, he is the baby roadrunner who laughs.

Plotting which direction he wants to run in. 

Succesfully drank one hot cup of coffee and was onto my second cup. I think when Scott comes home I may need a coffee intervention.

Trying to run past me while I'm trying to tickle him, its a game we play. 

Taking a break to show me the treats in his mouth.

Taking his dinosaur out on a walk.

I sent these doggie pictures to Scott telling him I think we really need to get a dog. Just look at the pure joy in Judahs face from petting our neighbors dog, he kept hugging her saying "auggie!". 

Library visit, I'm sure we will be back sometime this weekend. 

Scott's valentines gift from me came in. Its another wall scripture art from one of my favorite Etsy stores Old Barnyard Rescue Company. We are going to put this verse in our family room so we are daily reminded to be brave and not to be discouraged by people who want to bully you. I really want to eventually get the Zephaniah 3:17 verse because this verse has spoken to my heart many times.

Finally got this wiggle worm to fall asleep at 10:30 last night! That's huge! He is such a night owl and and normally sleeps at 11 or a bit later which I normally don't mind because Im a night owl, its just really hard when Scott is out of town. 

This morning I didn't let Judah sleep in and woke him up early so maybe he can go to bed earlier tonight.

I apologize for my discombobulated thoughts. I'll get it together in a day or two. 
Life is in the fast lane this week, everything is a blur, including my roadrunner son zooming around the house.

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  1. Hi Jess! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Replied to you over here --


  2. He's so cute! It's okay to miss a day every now and then if you come back with fantastic pictures like these!!


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