Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Woodsman

I've been searching all over Etsy for a boy doll for Judah and right under my nose was a cute shop that a friend of mine ran! She creates and sells the cutest little felt dolls and I just had to get the Woodsman one for Judah.

 I wanted to get a few pictures of him with the doll and brought out my Cannon Rebel. My little guy has been Mr Cranky Pants since he woke up this morning and has been trying to chew everything he is not supposed to chew, finding cords plugged into outlets (He managed to squeeze into a tight space and grab a cord). But I was able to get a few pictures of him playing with his woodsman doll. He is really fascinated by the felt Axe and Tree. He would walk up to the open window and scream at the tree in our backyard with his felt axe in hand....a future tree logger?

I was pretty surprised at how tired he was, he slept great last night and this was just an hour after he woke up and had breakfast. Maybe he is still getting over his cold from last week.

Walking towards his mama.

Trying to grab things from the living room table.

His final meltdown, after I told him no for trying to eat cords, he had milk and then fell right to sleep for his nap an hour early. 

I really love the woodsman doll I purchased from Kate's shop at Passivejuicemotel. In the past I used to collect handmade rag dolls that I would invest allot of money in and I was surprised that Kate's handmade doll is actually made with better quality than the dolls I've purchased in the past, also her dolls are really inexpensive. The stitching details in the tree and doll is beautiful and I love that the entire set is safe for Judah to chew on. It puts my mind at ease that the doll doest have buttons so its not a choking hazard when Judah chews on the set. I'm for sure going to purchase another doll from her shop and may just get one for my little sister who is about to have a baby girl.

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  1. he's so cute!I posted some tips on my blog today about shooting little ones if you're interested!

  2. your blog is ADORABLE!!! Thankss for commenting on my blog! Im now(of couuuurse) following you! :) follow me??(:

    p.s. i LOVE Judah's mustache shirt!! ;)

  3. This doll is just precious...and your little boy looks like such a sweetheart!!

    I saw your comments on my blog and thought I'd take a peek at yours. Love it!!! Looking forward to reading more about your little family :)

  4. Jess,
    Ok... 1st things 1st.. your little boy is absolutely adorable and as precious as can be! Love his new little doll too!!!!
    2nd of all - THANKYOU so much for stopping by my blog - I love having visitors - please stop back SOON! :) I am a new follower for your rockin blog!
    3rd: Can I just say that your Etsy shop is outstanding!? LOVED looking at it and everything made me swoon :)
    So glad to meet you friend,
    Maggie over at This Little Life of Mine

  5. Aww that little doll is too cute and your little boy is adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'd love to hear if you end up making that brisket.

  6. Thanks! I love reading all of your blogs :-) and love making new mama friends

  7. That doll is adorable and perfect for a would-be future lumberjack! (Plus your son is pretty cute even with the crankiness! :D)

  8. Awww- what a cutie. I can relate to the meltdown- I feel like having them more often than I can admit to :)

  9. Love that doll, but the little boy way cuter :)


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