Tuesday, January 3, 2012

winding down....

The past few days we have been winding down on Scotts vacation. Its so nice to have him home for long periods of time, especially when we are not traveling. So this past weekend we jammed in as much family time as possible. 

Judah has been teething big time and Scott counted 18 teeth in Judah's mouth the other day! Judah likes to chew on anything, especially teething toys, and he rarely eats. He likes to drink milk, formula and water all day long. For breakfast he likes mini pancakes (he will eat 1 or 2), bananas and puffs, for lunch he eats either chicken nuggets and either green beans, carrots or peas, or he will eat a peanut butter sandwich with bananas and a cup of milk. He likes to stand up on his tower in the kitchen and watch me make him lunch. For dinner he will eat whatever we are eating. Although he is not eating allot, he sure is growing. Judah now fits in 18 months clothing.

Saturday we took Judah to the Dulles Town center. We were going to go to Frying Pan park to see the animals but it started raining so we decided to take him on his first train ride! He was pretty apprehensive at first but after awhile he really started to enjoy the train. Especially when people walking around the mall would wave at him.

Monday we went grocery shopping and bumped into Judah's best friend. They shared some snacks. 

Later that day we went on a 2 mile family walk. We are trying to prepare for a race for the spring. Judah likes to look up through his sunroof and smile at us during the walks. 

The temps are dropping in the DC area so we made sure Judah was nice and cozy in his Bob. Im thinking of looking online for baby ski masks. I don't like how his cheeks get so cold and don't yet trust him with a scarf.

Started the "drawing a day" by Judah. He still doesn't understand that he can't eat the crayons and he can color with them, but I think by day 200 he should be able to scribble a little. 

I started making Dinosaur ear flap hats for the shop. Judah is the perfect little dinosaur boy model. 

I love how Judah smells like sweet apple puffs in the morning. He like to stuff his face and when I kiss his sweet cheeks I catch a whiff of apple puffs. Also Judah now likes to hold tight on my neck and hug me when I pick him up. He also likes to give me random kisses and snuggles. 

Today while Scott was at work we went on a 2.5 mile walk before it got to windy. 

Then we stopped by the park in our backyard. Judah loves being on the swings. It was getting really cold and I wanted to take him inside but he would get upset every time I took him off the swing. Finally I was able to bring him inside where he drank a bottle and fell asleep on my lap. 

He woke up from his nap right in time to see some snow flurries! I took him to our bedroom window and he kept lifting his hands up and screaming "Weeeee!!! weee!!". I dressed him in his jacket/shoes/hat as fast as I could and ran outside, but it looked like we just missed the flurry. 

Afterwards I took Judah inside for some chicken nuggets and diced pear lunch. Read some of his favorite books and let him be creative with his drawing a day. He still tried to eat the crayons, but didn't mind wearing the mustache. 

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