Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the third day

Today in comparison to the past two days has been a great day for Judah and I. This morning when he woke up I made us a quick breakfast, didn't bother sweeping the floors, straightening up or making sure the dishes were done. Instead I made sure his shoes and socks were on (he loves ripping them off), that he had a clean diaper and bag full of snacks with his water. Then I took him to look at yarn and to the mall. We were going to "build a bear" but Judah knocked over a display and was to distracted by all the bear options. I think we will wait till Scott gets back to build Judah a bear as a family. I took him over to the children's play area. Judah was having a blast till a boy with a nasty deep chest cough who was also sneezing tried to hug on him. The mom was sitting next to me and I asked if her son had a cold and she said he did. So I picked up Judah and left. 

After his nap I took him with me to good will, we found some cute vintage children's books, a huge mirror frame that I am spray painting and a cute Strawberry Shortcake wallet for my friend Natalie's daughter (Judahs pen pale). Then I took Judah to the skate park. If I ever want to calm my son down, I either have to give him a bath or take him to the skate park. We spent an hour at the park and most of it was spent watching the skateboarders. I was even able to video tape Judah laughing at them while they were doing tricks with their boards. I love his little laugh.


He was wearing his mustache and he didn't even notice it was on his face because he was so enamored with the skateboarders.

Then we went to the playground area in the park. Judah rode the animals, watched other kids play, waved and smiled at everyone and played on the swings. But he kept looking over at the skate park.

So I walked him over and we watched for another 20 mins. He just kept laughing and was waving at the skateboarders. I may have to get him a mini skateboard and take him to the park when its empty.

Judah wasn't to happy when we left, but he immediately cheered up when I took him to another park near our house. I'm doing what ever I can to keep this boy happy, and wear him out so he can sleep well tonight. 

A bunch of kids were playing basketball at the park and Judah just wanted to sit on the slide and watch them. 

Then he realized that he can slide down the slide by himself! We did this about two dozen times. I can't believe my baby can slide!!!!

Tonight we ordered pizza, Judah likes his with extra black olives, and we watched some Yo Gabba Gabba. After hanging out for a good bit I gave Judah the biggest bubble bath ever! I used the California Baby "relaxation" bath. It was supposed to help him calm down and get really tired.

He was pretty excited about all the bubbles.

He didn't sleep until well past 11:30, but he was in a better mood tonight than he was last night. 
We just have a few more days! Then we will have our happy family reunion.
Thank you all for your sweet words of encouragement. I truly love how us mamas stick together and lift one another up. 

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  1. Judah is quite possibly the cutest boy I've ever seen! I love those videos and how he gets so distracted by basketball and skateboarders. A true man's man. And what was that mother thinking bringing her sick son out and letting him be around other children? I don't blame you for leaving!
    As always, gorgeous pictures and I love the mustache!


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