Sunday, January 22, 2012

Single Mommy Day 1

Well I guess now I know what it means to be a single mom to a sick boy on almost no sleep. I couldn't sleep last night because Scott wasn't here and although we have a California king bed Judah kept wanting to sleep in whatever space I was trying to sleep in. 

Judah woke up saying "dada, dada?" when he realized Scott wasn't hiding his demeanor quickly changed and he lost his cute morning smile. 

I've been making him scrambled eggs each morning with some pancakes and bananas. Today I decided to skip the eggs so I can drink my coffee as I waited for the pancakes to heat up. When I placed this delicious bowl of pancakes and bananas in front of Judah he took one look at it and threw the entire contents of the bowl on the ground and started crying. He even smeared some banana on the floor. I figured out he wanted eggs and he was grabbing my leg while I made him some. I'm pretty sure some people will say I am spoiling Judah with giving him eggs after his fit this morning. I don't care, he is 13 months and doesn't understand his daddy went on a business trip. Plus I've recently figured out how to make the perfect scrambled egg and didn't mind making them for him.

Judah did decide he wanted to help me sweep up the floor after his monstrous mess. I was grateful he wasn't trying to eat the swept up food.

Scott uploaded a bunch of shirts on IG that he got Judah today. I am pretty excited about each of them. 

Judah had spaghetti o's for lunch and managed to shove one up his nose. I had the honor of sucking it out with the nose suction thingy. It was pretty least its not a Lego or a crayon.

After lunch I decided to give him a bath because he was pretty gross. The whole bath process today was pretty funny. He was sad at the sad baby in the mirror, then he realized that the bath water was on and started running towards the tub. When I took off his diaper he managed to grab it from my hand as I was putting him into the tub and in his excitement he threw it into the water. This boy loves his baths.

After a long day of both of us missing daddy pretty bad I made us some good ol' comfort food for dinner. I made us Some Ramen noodles! I like to boil till all the water is gone and all that is left are some yummy noodles that taste like they have been saturated in the special ramen seasoning. For Judah's meal I stuck his cooked noodles in a bowl with an ice-cube, stirred it around to make sure all the noodles were cool, then I took out the ice-cubes and cut up the noodles. Judah is a pretty big fan and ate his entire dinner.

Tomorrow I am planning on taking Judah out to find some fun adventures. Hopefully this will get my sweet little boy to smile. He just misses his dad so much he just doesn't seem himself today. 

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  1. Oh geez! Sounds like a stressful morning! And good for you not caring about what the other bloggers think. In the end, it's your choice as a mom. I'm sure I would've done the same thing!

  2. What a sweet post. Your love for your little man shines through, even if it was a rough day. And no, I don't think you were spoiling him. You're right- he doesn't understand! I have 3 boys and I think the hardest age by far (so far) is the age of your little one right up until about 18 months. You are doing great! Hang in there!


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