Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sick Day

Since my husband is going on travel soon he went into work a little late today. I am grateful for some extra time off before he takes off because sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking I have to be a single mom while Scott is on travel. I end up surprising myself in the end an realize that I can do this and it will be a great fun adventure for Judah and myself.

I think its cute that Judah wants to drink from Scott's water. I normally let Judah drink from mine but I have been adding the Emergen-C packets to my water so I don't catch Judah's cold.  

Judah posing for Renee's belated birthday picture.  Judah was to snotty to take the picture yesterday and was even more snotty today but I didn't want to miss out on my friends birthday. 

This morning was a eat your puffs from a huge bowl kinda morning. 

Judah thinks its the funniest thing in the world to run away from me when I change his diaper. Hopefully this doesn't happen while we are in public.

He went to sleep an hour before his usual nap time (he kept rubbing his eyes and was really sad) but as soon as I put him down he fell asleep. When he woke up I went into the room and I heard him smacking his lips. My son ripped open that pillow below and was acting like he was Elf and was eating the cotton balls in it! I took as much cotton as I could out of his mouth and called Scott laughing.

Being my hat model and teething. 

I think if Scott and I ever had a girl she might just be cute.  

Scott went to work for a few hours and when he came back home we made a quick trip to the library. I think I went a little overboard on checking out books. The Burke Library is way better than the Fairfax Library when it comes to having children's board books. They have two huge shelves on them. The Fairfax Library only had a box. Also the Burke Library has all these cute stuffed animals all over the place. Judah likes to snuggle with them. 

What are you favorite children's board books? Some can be really lame and I've found a few hidden gems. Tomorrow is the last day to register for my giveaway! Make sure you register before you forget, or you might miss out on winning an adorable custom made hat from my shop. Sign up here!

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  1. Poor little guy :( Hope he feels better soon! Great mustache pic btw ;) I showed your blog to my husband and he can't stop laughing (my husband is the reason why our son is named Rawley after Rollie Fingers -- the baseball player with the insane mustache). He is obsessed with mustaches. ;)

  2. Everything about this post is my little man. He has a love affair going on with Scout and is it just me that catches EVERYTHING my son is sick with? I will have to try Emergen-C because we have been passing something back and forth since November. I swear it is like my body has forgotten it has an immune system. Let me know if you have another tricks!

    Can I just tell you I LOVE the name Judah. Your blog is precious and I definitely intend to follow.

    Last thing, I drink my coffee (or at least half a cup) cold on a daily basis!

  3. So so adorable, what a cutie!


  4. ok.... the naked picture is the BEST! so fun!
    your slouchy hats are TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    happy friday friend..
    take care!

  5. Too cute! I love the ginormous bowl for his puffs! And as always, I love him in the little mustaches!

  6. Library trips are the best, we always check out way too many books also. The Pigeon books and Knuffle bunny books by Mo Willems are favorites around here.

  7. Hey Jess! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to following your adventures in 2012! :)) Martine


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