Monday, January 30, 2012

Self Photo Challenge

I'm linking up with The Paper Mama today on her self photo challenge. I haven't liked the way I looked as of recent. My dark bags under my eyes won't seem to go away, my hair is a mess and I need to get back into shape. But I'm planning on taking more self photos this year! Not all pictures of Judah and Scott and some more of Judah.

This is me on almost zero sleep for days. About to drink my starbucks "blonde" coffee. I'm addicted.

Walking around the neighborhood.

Shadow chasing Judah.

Stopping to listen to the squirrels that were running nearby.

Hanging out with mama.

3rd day in a row sleeping in his crib for naps with out any crying!

He is very frustrated with the lady in front of us at Target. She was taking to long for him. It was actually quite funny.

Obsessing over…
My root canal I'm getting this Wednesday. I have to get a root canal I had done 2.5 years ago redone because my previous dentist accidentally broke off one of her instruments in my root and left it there. I have a high pain tolerance and an even higher fright of dentists hence me not going. But got x-rays before Scott went to London and my root canal is scheduled….praying for no more pain.
Working on…
Custom orders for my shop, some guest posts on blogs and crocheting more valentines hearts for Judah’s friends.
Thinking about…
How fast Judah is growing and becoming a mini man, and how he is starting to understand things more and how he has this fantastic sense of humor and he is only almost 14 months.
Virginia beach next week!!! Yes I am meeting up with one of my IG now IRL mama friends Paige and her sweet son J. Judah and J are going to hit up the playground on the beach and the skate parks.
Listening to…
At this moment….Baby Einstein. Judah is teething and it makes him happy. But in the car we have one of our Shane and Shane CDs playing.
Judah’s puffs. Hey they are apple flavored and I am not hungry for dinner.
Copying the Paper mama on this one. I wish I could live closer to my IG/Blog/Twitter mamas. Thank goodness I get to tag along with my husbands work travel so I can meet a bunch of ya’ll this year xo

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  1. I just saw this photo of Anna Maria Horner on her blog and I thought she looked like you! :)

    1. Wow I am flattered, she is gorgeous!!!!

  2. The scarf!! I JUST DIED. What a cutie pie!

    Good luck with your root canal... ouch. That's no fun. :(

    1. awe thanks! I thrifted the scarf last week ;-) Will only keep it on while he is walking around me bc I am paranoid he would choke.

      Thank you!!! I'll need lots of prayer! I am scared out of my mind, but I heard the root canal specialist Im seeing is amazing and they know how scared I am :-)

  3. Ahhh your lil guy is too handsome! Just bought my youngest bubba the vans he's rocking too, so sweet. Your blog is fun, happy I stumbled across it!

  4. You are BEAUTIFUL mama! This season will pass, and sleep will come to YOU! Promise! :)
    The picture at Target of your babe is HILARIOUS!!!!!! Hurry it up people!!!! :) Cracked me up!
    Much love sweetie,

  5. Such an exciting week for you! Good luck getting all the custom orders out.

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog... fun to look at yours :) It's such a small world. My grandfather helped found McLean Bible Church. You must be in the DC area. So fun! I still have family in Frederick, MD. It's been way too long since I've visited... love it out there. Such pretty landscape and so much history :)

  7. All I can say is I (not literally) feel your dentistry pain! Kind of funny, I sort of talked about dentists on my blog as well! great minds (and dentist-phobes) think alike!


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