Thursday, January 12, 2012

Resolutions and Adventures

One of my 2012 resolutions was to take Judah out on more adventures, even if its going to a park or like today going to the Rocknoceros concert at the Dulles Town Center. Its a cute children's band, the guys dress up like farmers and play some really catchy fun songs and its free on Thursdays at the mall.

I thought today was going to start off with out a hitch, that it can't be that bad to get ready and take off for the mall, boy was I wrong. This morning when Judah woke up I realized that he peed the bed, he co-sleeps with us and I guess his diaper didn't hold very well last night. After I stripped the bed, I totally forgot that I had to shower, instead got Judah ready and made him breakfast. He had a pretty big diaper blow out before breakfast and one right when I was about to leave the house.  Finally after throwing on some cloths, a head band for my dirty hair and totally forgetting my breakfast because I finally found his sock we were able to leave.

He looks so cute and ready to go on an "Adventure".

I drove a few miles down the road and realized, I think I left my stove on. I turned around and drove back home and saw that I actually turned it off. At this point I was going to change plans and just take Judah with me to Unique to thrift, but decided to stick with the plan and take him to the mall.

We arrived 15 mins late and were only able to hang out in the back with the other late moms. It's okay because Judah was totally zoning out on the band. After awhile he got out of his car and started walking around or holding onto the car so he can shake his booty. I even remembered to bring his maraca and he shook that in one hand while he danced.

Then he got distracted by a mirror in a store right next to the concert and took off walking towards it.

We hung out at the indoor playground and they had a good amount of kids crawling all over the place. Two girls even tried to kiss Judah's cheeks, but he would push them away and kept trying to walk around.  I did bath him in purell once we left.

Headed to Nordstroms because I saw a bunch of kids with balloons and asked where they got them. I guess Nordstroms hands out balloons to kids. After walking around for a bit Judah was tired.

Took him to their bathroom to change him. They have the best bathrooms! If your ever in a mall that has a Nordstroms and you have to change your child's diaper, go to Nordstroms instead of the food court bathroom. Its a billion times nicer and you feel like your in a fancy hotel.  Judah especially loved the picture of the two doggies.

He kept trying to look at them.

He thought the doggies (Judah calls them auggies) were going to chase after him so he ran away laughing. 

Headed to Dulles Wegmans afterwards to pick up some tea, carrots, honey and Judah grabbed puffs from the aisle, I didn't even realize it till we were in line. He is becoming very sneaky. 

I guess today's adventures wore him out because when we arrived home he napped for almost 4 hours!

I hope to take him to the Library again tomorrow and if the weather is nice I want to take him to a local park afterwards. But this will all take place after my dreaded Dentist appointment. If you can please pray for me tomorrow. I'm finally seeing a new dentist who my best friend referred to me. We both ended up going to the same dentist 2.5 years ago who messed up both of our root canals pretty bad. My old dentist literally cracked my tooth she was working on but said its something I shouldn't worry about because it was just cosmetic. 2.5 years later with a constant burning mouth and sore jaw I'm finally going to trust another Dentist to take a look at it and fix it. I'm terrified, but I know its something that I need to take care of and once its done I believe I'll be able to sleep better because I won't be in constant pain. 

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  1. awww, honey! I have a great dentist if you need one! My mom used to work for him and he is so gentle and honest, and doesn't hound me about flossing (I never do and I hate it when dentists try to tell me how horrible of a person I am for not flossing). Let me know if this one doesn't work out for you! Although, I hope it does!

  2. This is too cute! I love that you and your boy got the day together. One time I left my oven on all night so I definitely understand that worry! I check it like 3 times before I leave the house now. You might have to watch out for little Judah though, he might have all the girls chasing him sooner than you'd like!

  3. Sounds like you had a busy day, and good for you for pushing through the hectic morning!! I'm sure Judah will appreciate as he gets older the wonderful day-trips that you take him on. I loved all the little concerts that my mom took me to as a little girl.

  4. we metroed it last week to Natural History and the carousel. There si so much to do here and Im totally with you on trying to accomplish more of it!

  5. @amanda thanks! I'll let you know, the lady I saw today was really really nice, plus they were honest with me (great table side manner) didn't make me cry like the nightmare dentist I saw before. The guy who is going to redo my root canal specializes in them. I think after the last horror story I want to see a specialist.

  6. @Kara ha a girl managed to sneak in Judahs first "cheek" kiss today!!! haha :-)

  7. @Brianna Bell thats what I want him to remember when he is older, the fun trips he took with his mama ;-)

  8. @The Peanut Gallery we should totally do a dc museum meet up with the kids when the weather is nicer :-)

  9. Hope the dentist went well...haha, you should've taken your cutie pie (that would be an adventure for him for sure! It would've also taken your mind off of other things...haha). Very cute pics btw.


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