Monday, January 9, 2012

Judahs First Haircut

My husband has been asking me if we could take Judah to Cartoon Cuts to get his first haircut. Confession.... I did "attempt" to trim up Judahs hair when he was around 5 months and butchered the hair right above his ears. This is the reason why my husband suggested that we go to Cartoon cuts for Judah's first "real" cut. I didn't mind, as long as the hair stylist didn't touch the top of Judahs hair because I wanted to keep the mohawk. 

We went to the one in Fairoaks mall because they had great reviews.

She did strap Judah in on top of the booster seat. I was kinda nervous at first because I didn't see the strap. I didn't want him falling over. Judah of course was fascinated by the "baby" in the mirror looking back at him.

Spraying his hair down. I think this took Judah off guard so he was pretty calm during the cut. 

Playing with the doggies the stylist had at her booth. She also had the movie Cars playing on a TV in front of him so he was pretty distracted.  

Judah was getting a little nervous about the back being cut, but I think thats only because he is ticklish there. 

His face just makes me laugh. 

 This is where she didn't listen to my request of "please don't cut the top of his hair". She said I am going to just "even it out" and started cutting the top. No lie Judah said "uhhh oooh" when she started cutting, I wasn't sure what to say so I just went with it. 

He looks like a little boy.

They gave us a baggy of his hairs and a lollipop, I didn't want Judah to eat the lollipop soooo...

I took it away from him and he had a mini meltdown. 

Afterwards we walked around the mall a bit, visited the apple store so Scott can geek out. Judah just wanted to be held...not sure if the haircut bothered him or not but he was pretty content being in the Apple store. 

Stopped by the kids store and Judah played with the train table for the first time. I might be looking on Craigslist for one because he really liked it. Im kinda excited to visit Barnes and Nobles because they have one in the children's book section.

We ended our day with lots of cuddles and some photo booth fun.

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  1. What a cutie!!
    I remember my little brother's first haircut... my mom and I decided to trim his hair at home and somehow knicked part of his right ear.. it was horrifying! We felt so bad!

  2. Awww! What a handsome little fella! He did such a good job. They just grow soooo fast!

    LOVE your sweet hats, btw! Super cute.

  3. What a cutie! Love your blog! Glad someone else shares the love of mustaches for their kid ;) Rawley's first birthday is going to be a "little man" party complete with fedoras, mustaches and ties. So fun!


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