Saturday, January 28, 2012

In Love with Old Lucketts

Today we decided to visit this adorable little shop called Old Lucketts. I've been wanting to visit for some time now and was pretty excited about todays trip. 

The trip was a very short 30 min drive to a quaint little town outside of leesburg called Lucketts

I LOVE this tub!!! Im tempted to get one just to put in our backyard to plant some lavender in. Although, my dream house comes with cast-iron claw foot tub extra deep so I can take extra long baths in them. 

Also this couch! I am dying and not even in the front door.

I think this couch would look perfect in our front sitting room.

Love the 3rd floor bedroom!! I might incorporate some of the ideas and colors into my own bedroom.

Judah loved the fake doggie. 

I love what they did with old books, they took off the covers and wrapped twin around them. 

Family picture! We kept trying to take pictures with every vintage mirror we saw but their were so many people around. This was one of the only empty rooms. Also please don't mind Scotts crazy eye, he had eye surgery yesterday and is still recovering.

Grabbed some wood fire pizza outside before we took off. 

If your local and you haven't been to Old Lucketts you have to check it out. Next weekend they have their biggest and only sale of the year. I would totally check it out but unfortunately I get my root canal done this week and I am pretty sure I'l be out of commission for the weekend. But I will be at one of their future design house weekends in the spring. Any local ladies want to go with? I would love to go sans Judah next time, or am willing to take Judah during the weekday when the crowds are not to bad.

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  1. Oh My STAAARRRRSSS!!! This place looks so incredibly up my alley! I want to go right. now!
    ** Is your husband alright? :( Sad!
    *** I love how you put baby boy on all of the furniture to snap pictures! He is truly the cats pajamas!!! :) Love him!
    **** You family pic in the vintage mirror is too cute!
    What a FUN Day!
    blessings to yOu,

    1. Come visit!!!
      Yeah he is okay. I guess he had some sort of cyst thing in his eyelid that kept getting worse. since he is type 1 diabetic the Dr wanted to remove it surgically bc nothing else was working.

      it was such a fun day :-)
      (PS LOVE your messages they make my day)

  2. I love the Lucketts store and all of their goodies--they have a huge spring market in May and tons of awesome vintage and handmade vendors are there; you should definitely check it out! I definitely miss being just an hour drive away from places like this!

    1. Your kidding me!!! Eeep!! I can't wait!!! I saw a ton of wineries on the way out to lucketts and told my husband that they have to have farmers markets or at least people on the side of the road that sell fruit.

  3. Oh I love this store and I haven't even been! I will go... :) your hubs eye doesn't look bad at all? What type of surgery?,.. Lj had strabismus surgery last year. Love the glasses in the first picture :) I want a pair.

    1. Yes go with me!!! I would love for someone to go.

      It was a cyst that just wouldn't go away, since he is type 1 diabetic they wanted to surgically remove it, he had one last year but not as bad as this one :-(

      have you heard of the thrift store unique? Its off of gallows near the fairfax hospital? I got these glasses for Judah there! Its an amazing thrift store. Full of great kids stuff thats cheaper than the salvation army :-)

  4. That seriously looks like the most funnest place ever! You inspired me to go and check out some of our antique places around. Love what they did with the books...might be on to something ;)

    1. YAY! Let me know if you do the same with the books :-) they have monthly "design houses" where they change up the entire design of the store. Its great for inspiration :-)

  5. This store looks so precious! I love the antique feel. And if little Judah had some fun too, it must've been perfect!

  6. That place looks like a blast! Great pictures, great post :) Happy I found your fun blog today!


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