Monday, January 2, 2012

Help for Ethan

Saturday night when I finished updating the blog with my 2012 resolutions, I was a bit discouraged over something. Struggling with this discouragement in my heart I prayed that the Lord would help me. The moment my heart finished whispering these pleading prayers I received a text message from a dear sweet mama friend of mine Amy over at Buggie and Jellybean. She asked if I would be willing to make some hats for a mama friend of hers Melissa. Melissa and her husband recently found out that their almost 3 year old son was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH), a rare cancer-like disease that affects 1:200,000 children and that he recently had surgery to remove a tumor that was located right above left eye. I immediately said I would love to make Ethan some hats and was contacted by Melissa. I knew one of his favorite colors was green so I just started crocheting a green hat and kept brainstorming on how I can make the hat more "fun" for a 3 year old boy. I thought all boys LOVE dinosaurs and added some dinosaur spikes to the hat that I was able to finish for him last night. I wanted to finish it so it can get to him this week since he starts chemotherapy tomorrow.

After talking to Melissa on email I found out that both her and her husband are teachers and that Melissa recently had Ethan's little brother last fall. Since Ethan starts chemotherapy tomorrow Melissa really wants to stay home to be with him while he is undergoing treatment, there is nothing more important than a mother to be with her son as he fights this battle, so he is not fighting this alone. 

Many have asked if they could send me yarn donations for Ethan and his hats, instead I ask if you would be willing to donate the money you wanted to spend on yarn to Ethans fund. So his mom can be with him while he is going through chemotherapy. You can visit their funding page here also they have a Facebook page where they post updates and pictures of Ethan.

Thank you for coming alongside this sweet family, for your prayers, your donations and your support. This family of four truly appreciates it.

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  1. Bless his little heart, I'll be praying for the whole family!

  2. Jess, thanks so much for posting this. I am overcome with tears right now thinking what this family must be going through. Thanks for spreading the word that they need help, going to make my donation now and will post on my blog. <3


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