Thursday, January 5, 2012

Embrace the Camera - Snuggles

I'm linking up with Emily for "Embrace the Camera". This is a two part series on "snuggles". Judah has been "almost" feeling sick which turned out to a full blown cold last night. 

It started a few days ago while we were making over our "guitar room" in our house. While Scott was putting up our vinyl scripture up on the wall Judah wanted to be held and fed. He normally just feeds himself and would only last on my lap for about two mins, unless he is really tired, or not feeling well. 

Judah eventually did climb off my lap and help Daddy with putting the guitars up on the wall. Judah thinks the paintings are "real guitars" and he likes to swing his hands in the air like he is "air strumming" the guitar.

Yesterday we hung out at the house, Judah just wanted to play "guitars" all morning and wouldn't let me leave the guitar room for a few hours.  I didn't mind, I mean how can you say no to "playing guitars" with your son?

Then last night after Judah's afternoon nap his cold was getting progressively worse. He woke up with rosy red cheeks that normally goes away after 20 mins of waking up but his stayed rosy all night. After going to bed for the night Judah woke up around midnight and couldn't go back to sleep.  The poor little guy couldn't breath through his nose and because of that he didn't want to drink anything, he just wanted to be held. I gave him some "little noses"spray to help break up the congestion, dragged my rocker into our bedroom and I rocked my son to sleep and just held him for a few hours. 
Then I brought him to bed with us. 

This morning my sweet Judah is still super congestion, snot streaming out of his nose, sneezing snot everywhere and a tiny fever. But he is in a great mood and wants extra cuddles. My shirt is covered with snot because he likes to put his head on my shoulder and hug really tight when I hold him, but I don't mind, I have plenty of shirts to change into after he goes down for his nap.  

Sometimes mommy snuggles is just part of the cure.

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