Friday, January 13, 2012

The dreaded Dentist and Judahs first kiss

This morning started off great! Judah was full of cuddles and when he finally woke up for the day all he wanted to do was play guitars/piano in the guitar room. He didn't even mind the mustache I put on his face.

He is seriously such a cheese ball. 

Scott came home from work around 10:30 so I could finally see my new dentist. I have bad and good news. The bad news is that it appears the previous dentist of mine must have broken off a part of the tool they use to clean out your root canal.  It appears from the x-rays that the tip of the tool is lodged at the very end of my root canal, she said you can tell by the way it breaks off on the x-ray. Also I have an infection in my tooth because when my old dentist placed my porcelain crown on she broke the side of it, its only cosmetic if the top was broke/chipped, not the side because that's how food gets trapped. I have to get a whole new root canal and see a specialist who will be able to tell me if he can do the root canal or if I lose the tooth because he can't get the tool particle out of my root. Thats the bad news. The good news is she was able to grind down some of my porcelain cap and it relieved some pressure so it doesn't hurt to bad right now, although since she messed with it today my face is throbbing. I'm also on penicillin to get rid of the infection and I should be feeling better in just a few days. I can't schedule my root canal just yet because Scott is still waiting to hear back on work travel and I want to make sure he is here when I have my root canal. This is the main reason why I want to live closer to my sister in Florida, because then I wouldn't have to worry about Scott's travel and could just stay at her house with Judah for help. Or she can come with me for moral support since I am even more terrified of the dentist now that I've found out my previous one broke her tool in my mouth. But everything will work its self out and I will be in less pain once this is all taken care of. I can't even imagine how wonderful that day will be where I won't be in constant pain.

Now on to some cute things from today. We visited the library again today and Judah fell in love with some new doggie books we found. 

He picked out six books, my favorite is the "we belong together book". Its adorable and would make the perfect valentines gift.

We were going to stop by the park but it was 30 degrees out and very windy. So we had a mini Chik Fil A date. Judah tried out his very first vanilla milk shake and.....

A certain little girl was completely smitten by Judah. She kept walking up to our table while Judah was eating and tried to grab his fingers or wave hi. Once I took him to the play area she was showing him how everything works and then.....

She walked right up to him grabbed his face and kissed him right on the cheek! 

It happened so fast I think both Judah and I were stunned. Judah just stood there for a few seconds and stared off into space. It was the cutest thing ever. 

Tonight is a laid back night for the Judkins family. Scott currently has Judah and is on his way to Wegmans to pick us up some sushi for dinner.

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  1. Aww, we got the same book from the library, "What do you love?" The girls LOVE that book above all the other ones we've gotten this time.

    1. Oh we have to do a library date!!!! With the kids :-)
      I wonder if I can use my card in your library? Im sure I can :-)

  2. ok, that dentist story sounds absolutely awful!!! i am SO SORRY! my dad is an incredible dentist and i know he would be appalled!
    praying you feel better soon :)
    we LOVE LOVE LOVE the library!!!!
    that milkshake looks divine :)
    aren't kiddos cute?! especially ones with a little mustache :)
    happy friday friend,

    1. Maggie has your dad heard of anything like that? Im afraid of the actual root canal (its w a different dentist) but I am just afraid that they won't be able to take the piece out that the previous dentist left in...
      Thank you for your prayers, they are needed greatly!

      The milkshake was divine! :-)
      ahh and the kiddos are so cute especially my little mustache feller ;-)

  3. Your little man is sooooooo cute!! I love the last pic of him staring.

    The old dentist needs to be slapped. But it's good the new dentist was able to fix things.

    1. Thank you! He is the cutest (I think I think that bc I am his mama) ha :-)

      We are going to report the dentist once I get fixed by the new dentist, I am praying she doesn't pull the same thing on other patients.

  4. Oh my! I cannot believe your last dentist, thank goodness you're not using him anymore.
    And that picture is so cute! I love him all surprised at the kiss. So proud of your little man getting the girl. ;)

    1. Its so weird, but it totally make sense why I've been in so much pain for the past 2.5 years, Im not excusing what she did, but it sure does teach me a lesson to go in sooner....and so thankful I've found a new one.

      Awe thanks! :-) something about him, girls are just trying to kiss his cheeks ha ha I have to teach him how to chill out on that before he goes to school ;-)


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