Sunday, January 8, 2012

DIY Crochet Heart Valentines Garland

I absolutely love valentines day. As a child I loved creating and passing out valentines to everyone in my class. When I became an adult I would still make and pass out homemade valentines day cards to my
co-workers, I loved doing this because  I just wanted to make everyone feel special and not forgotten on Valentines day. During the days of December I was just thinking up ideas on how to make my home cheerful for Valentines day. Then I thought I would crochet some heart garlands and put them around my home, or give out the crochet hearts as special valentine gifts to some of Judah's friends. I've written a DIY so you are able to try out the crochet pattern on your own. Its pretty easy and fun once you get the hang of it.

 I used an N Crochet hook (this makes the hearts a bit bigger) but allot of people would prefer to use a J sized hook. I used any medium worsted weight yarn. My personal favorite for making the hearts is the  "Red Heart" because its really inexpensive and holds the heart shape nicely.

...Heart Pattern... 

- Round 1 -

Ch4, work all your stitches in the first chain (the chain furthest from your hook), 3trc, 3 dc, chain 1, 1 trc, chain 1, 3 dc, 3 trc, chain 2 slip stitch

(you could end here but I wanted to make the hearts a little bit larger for the garland)

- Round 2 -

Ch3, in first trc (the 3 trc from round 1 will be the first 3 large holes, below I have a picture of what the first hole should look like) make sc and hdd (in the first hole), in next trc you will stitch 3 hdc, in the 3rd trc you will stitch 2 hdc, sc in next four stitches, chain 1 dc in trc, chain 1, sc in next four stitches, (in the last 3 trc from round 1/ next three large holes) 2 hdc in next stitch, 3 hdc in next stitch, hdc and sc in next stitch, chain 3 and I slip stitch then slip stitch again in the center fasten off

(in the picture below I have pointed out where the first large hole/for the 2nd round of stitches into the first trc would go into)

Your hearts should look like this...the more you practice the better you will get at it. 

Then I took white yarn, same size N needle and chain 125 stitches and fastened off. You can chain more or less to get the size you want.

Cut 1 inch ties and wove the ties into the upper round edges of the hearts and tied onto the chain. I kept the ties showing because I thought it added some charm. 

There you go a cute crochet valentines day garland. 

If you don't want to make the garland yourself but want to add some cute colorful Valentines Day cheer to your home or office you can always visit my shop and I have some for sale. If you do crochet a garland please do post a link to your blog, I would love to see your work!

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