Friday, January 20, 2012


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You know one of those nights where you just feel like your a horrible mom? That was me last night. I was overwhelmed, extra tired, getting prepared for Scott to go out of town for work, Judah was sick and started coughing wet coughs, we found what looked like a tiny piece of glass in my eye and I missed my family horribly.

After talking to Kaiser, I was in tears the entire time which they said was good because it could wash out the glass, I made an appointment for this morning. 

Judah finally fell asleep.

He was extra sweet looking. 

Then he started coughing and it sounded bad, Scott went to go prepare the humidifier. I'm at the end of my rope emotionally I text my step mom and tell her how discouraged I am. She calls me, its 3 am and she is out plowing the snow with my Aunt Dorothy (aka uncle dirt). They both kept handing the phone off to each other and just loved on me. Loved on me hard, encouraged my heart and had me laughing and believing I was a good mom and a great wife. I finally get off the phone and in case I forgot how much they wanted to encourage my heart my step mom texts me. Judah ends up waking up because he heard us laughing and stays up till around 5:30am chattering away. 

I ended up missing my eye appointment this morning, either I turned the alarm off in my sleep or forgot to set it. But the humidifier and my exhaustion (hard sleeping) helped my eye because the glass was gone and my eye felt 100% better. Thank God because I didn't want to waste a $40 co-pay. Gave Judah a bath and had the hot water going on in the sink to make sure the bathroom would get all steamy to help his nose. 

Went to Target to pick up some encouragement things for Scott for when he leaves on travel.  Judah likes to chew on a mum mum wrapper w a mum mum in it (it feels good on his gums) and I open up a separate wrapper so he can eat the mum mum if he wants.

Today was definitely a Starbucks day.

Packing Scott's suitcase full of these goodies.

I kept asking Judah "where is the doggie?" and he pulls out his shirt to look at Scooby Doo. 

Once Scott came home from work we went to Wegmans to stock up on groceries for when he is gone. Judah was being really quite and I looked down and he somehow snatched the cheese spray bottle from a shelf and was chewing on it. I have no idea how he managed to grab this since it was on a pretty high self.  

Judah scoring on some free cheese from the Deli lady who fell in love with him.

Today was such a long day...praying for an easier week.

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  1. What a rough night! So happy you have fun people in your life that can lighten your spirits. Hope you are able to get through the time when Scott is away!!

  2. Oh honey.. I'm so sorry it was a rough day! Just remember that tomorrow is a new day and His mercies are new EVERY morning! I know it's cheesy and cliche, but you know.. it's Truth! Thinking of you and your lovely family. :)

    1. I love you
      seriously you have the gift of encouragement

  3. We've all been there! Sorry it was such a rough day. The pictures are adorable and hopefully he feels better soon. Cash is perpetually coughing and hacking!

    1. Have you tried any home remedies to help? Besides the humidifier? We decided against the flu shot for Judah and I am always paranoid (I think its bc he is my first) that he will just get worse and worse with his colds. It doesn't help that Kaiser tell me "baby death stories" every time I go in to get him checked out.....


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