Friday, January 27, 2012

Daddy is home!!!

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Scott texted me while Judah and I were thrifting at Unique yesterday saying "I'll see you at 7:30!". I frantically tried calling, texting and sent him a message on twitter to see what he was talking about, he wasn't supposed to be back till Friday and I wasn't sure if I missed something. I finally reached him (its hard trying to get someone on their cell phone across seas) and he said he was able to get an early flight home and was boarding. I was thrilled!

Judah and I finished our thrifting then headed to Home Depot to get some spray paint for some DIY projects I have around the home. It was so hard to choose because they have so many pretty bright colors.  While I was at Home Deport I received a phone call from my "spiritual dad" Dr Tim Tatum, I took Judah to the garden area and carted him around while I talked to Dr Tim for a bit. 

Took Judah to Chick Fil A for a special lunch, I wanted to keep him out as much as possible. He had fun playing in the kids area while the bigger kids were jumping on the slide.

Judah went down for a nap and I took this beautiful mirror I thrifted for $2 from good will and prepped it outside to spray paint. I didn't realize that the mirror had a chip on the side of it until right after I bought it. You can't even tell its been chipped after I spray painted it.

Judah got up and we went on a long walk around the neighborhood. He even wore his cute glasses I thrifted for him at unique earlier in the day.

My body felt like it could barely move. I was exhausted. So we made a trip to Starbucks and then went to Target to walk around before Scott's flight landed. 

Judah was being super cute in the back seat while I was driving to the airport. I was excited in anticipation that he was about to see his daddy. He was excited! A sweet excitement he kept putting his hand on Scotts mouth and just started saying "dada! Dada!!!!"

Went to Red Robin for dinner. Figured it was a place we could quickly leave if Judah had a meltdown. Also Judah is a huge fan of their steak fries. Scott had fun showing Judah all his presents from London. 

Judah would sit and wait for Scott to come back when ever he left the room and if Scott took longer than 2 mins then Judah would walk around to seek him out. 

Our night ended with family snuggles and watching missed shows on Hulu. Then we all ended up falling asleep because our hearts and minds were at peace because we were back together as a family. Scott said he woke up early this morning and Judah and I didn't budge, that we must have been really tired. 

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Happy Friday Everyone!!!

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  1. Sooo excited to hear who won the giveaway!!! Whoop! :)
    Yay for daddy's homecoming!!!! :) Glad he made it home safe and sound!
    ** those glasses on your darling little boy are the cutest thing EVER!
    much love -

  2. Yay for Dad being home!!! What a great feeling. SUPER cute DIY project, I never have luck thrifting :(

  3. So glad that the hubs is home! I know you are super excited! Your mirror looks great too. Love that color! Gotta love thrift stores!

  4. I love this post! So happy that Scott is home and Judah gets to be with his dadda. :)


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