Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cold coffee

This morning I tweeted out "I could write a book on all the things I do as a mom b4 my first sip of coffee that's now cold". Before I was a mom I used to treasure my morning cups of hot coffee and I even used to asked the baristas at starbucks to make my drink "extra hot". Scott swears I've burned off some of my taste buds or nerves on my tongue and thats why I can eat really hot food. But since I've become a mom....I am used to drinking my coffee cold in the morning. 

My typical morning with Judah 

Judah wakes up, if I am not up already then he plays with my hair, giggles or sings to me till I get up (we co-sleep)
Then I take him with me as I throw on cloths, brush our teeths, put my hair in a mom bun, open all the shades in my bedroom and curtains then we sing a song to each other in the big mirror by my bedroom door. 
Get Judah dressed, change Diaper 1, sing another song in the other bathroom mirror
Take Judah downstairs put on some Shane and Shane, the CD player is next to his stack of books. While he "reads" I then make him breakfast
Lately Judah wants scrambled eggs, mini pancakes and bananas. 
While Im making his breakfast I brew my coffee. Make a cup and set it aside. 
Judah around this time walks into the kitchen and grabs at my legs and I put him into his highchair. 
He eats breakfast while I wash the dishes. Sometimes I eat with him but most times I skip breakfast. 
When he finishes breakfast I wash his face/change Diaper 2.
Then I quickly sweep up the floor. I have to do this fast because Judah likes to try to pick "goodies" out of my dirt pile to eat. 
We then hang out in the guitar room for a bit and play songs.
Then we go to the other living room, I bring out some puffs and put him in his walker while I vacuum.
I read to him form his stack of library books till he pushes off my lap.
Two hours have passed since Ive made my coffee and at this time I am able to take a "sip". 
Sometimes I just gulp it down because its already cold and I know I'll be running after Judah.
This is why I've been drinking cold coffee. If I still have some left when Judah goes down for his morning nap then I'll heat it up in the microwave. 

Here are some pictures from the past two days. I've been making allot of adult and child sized slouchy hats (that I will be selling in my shop this week). Also Judah has been teething badly again. Its 11:30 and he finally fell asleep. My ears are ringing from his screams, and he has a runny nose. 

Judah eating breakfast while we listen to Shane and Shane. I seriously love this album Scott got for me. Its so uplifting and makes my heart so happy. 

Yesterday we spied a hawk in our backyard, so Judah and I took a walk outside to investigate. Judah is in mid-happy-dance because we are outside. 

Post nap teething tears

Adult sized slouchy that I will be listing soon in my shop. 

Judah and Scott doing banana "cheers". I am "cheersing" everything with Judah. Yes I want him to be that boy that says "cheers" all the time. 

Judah in a mustard slouchy hat I made. 

seriously I love his sweet face. 

Today we went to the Library again, Judah is now running and pulling books down. Its so cute its hard not to laugh. Hopefully they won't kick us out.

Stopped by the skatepark. I think I may have a future skateboarder. He just stared and stared at the guy skateboarding and was sad when we walked away. 

Walking around the park. I still can't get over how he walks all over the place now.  

playing with sticks.  

Trying to walk back to the skateboarder. 

Being a model for my 2nd toddler slouchy hat. 

I hope Judah doesn't really have a cold and its just part of his teething. I did get some hylands infant cold tablets just in case. Tomorrow I will be doing a shop update and hopefully I can take my son on a Starbucks date to get some hot coffee.

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  1. This was my life until well after Laelia turned one!!! HA!

    1. Oh no! ha ha well the cold coffee is not to bad...I just would like to occasionally have it hot ;-)
      Maybe tomorrow during our starbucks date. But even then I have to keep him occupied or he will try to escape the starbucks highchair by moving back and forth really fast till it looks like it is going to tip ha ha

  2. "Mom bun"--so that's what my hair style is called, lol! That shot of him in mid-happy dance is adorable!

    1. ;-)
      but the bun does produce some pretty great curls ;-) its the newest mom trend ha ha

  3. I'm drinking cold coffee as we speak! Your morning sounds a lot like mine these days. Very cute slouchy hat :)

    1. I just reheated mine because Judah just went down for a nap ;-)


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