Friday, January 6, 2012

48 Hours and 2 Hours of Sleep

Judah is not feeling well. So this is what 48 hours with only 2 hours of sleep for a mom looks like.....

Gave Judah a bath yesterday because he was so congested his cheeks were red and bath time normally makes him happy. 

My little teddy bear, still happy about his bath. This was just 24 hours no sleep and I was doing pretty good here. 

Judah finally napped with Scott for 20 mins when he came home. He was having a hard time breathing. His nose is stuffed up but he refuses to breath through his mouth. 

He couldn't/wouldn't sleep last night. So I put his favorite music lullaby on repeat on youtube last night. After watching it for about 5 times he fell asleep, but would wake up every 5-10 mins and cry. This lasted all night. I ended up either rocking him or trying to sooth him to sleep. I didn't sleep. 

3 am. Still not sleeping and waking up every 10 mins. Cheeks pink from the congestion. 

At 7 am Scott took Judah downstairs and asked if I would sleep for about two hours since he was going to work and I needed some energy for Judah for the day. I came downstairs and Judah was passed out on Scott.  

After Scott left Judah was up for a few hours and finally passed out for a three hour nap. You would think I would sleep then. But I decided to look at some of my favorite blogs, drink more coffee and finish a girl dinosaur hat. 

When Judah woke up he modeled my newly finished hat. Ate a little bit of lunch and just hung out around all the pillows I had on the living room floor. I sat down and read with to him for a bit. 

Scott came home and Judah went down for another mini nap. He wasn't to happy to wake up. 

and now...its 9:30 on a Friday night....and I'm one exhausted mama. Judahs congestion is getting better and I am praying for a great restful night for the entire Judkins family and that Judah doesn't snore. We need it. 

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  1. Aww, Mama!! Poor you! Poor Judah!

    This has been such an awful cold & flu season. Hux has gotten so many nasty bugs and it's like having a new born all over again with the waking and nursing etc etc.

    Hang in there!


  2. awe man, thats awful, thankfully this is Judahs only "big bug" and it looks like he is almost over it! It truly is like having a newborn, I was telling my husband yesterday I have that "throw up" feeling from lack of sleep.

    I hope the buggie germs stay away from hux for the rest of the cold season



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