Wednesday, December 7, 2011

what I honestly wore wednesday

Im linking up with Maryam today with "What I honestly wore Wednesday".

Last night I was able to go to sleep before midnight and ended up waking up totally refreshed by 7 am. Since Judah was still asleep I was able to make coffee/prepare some packages to mail out for "My Charming Colors".

Judah wanted some morning snuggles before we started our day.  

 By the time I was ready to leave to run to the post office it was raining pretty bad. So I threw my hair up in a messy mom bun. Wore a tank, J. Crew light blue long sleeve shirt, and a brown sweater (that does have some puff stains on them from Judah) from Banana Republic. No make up.

Judah wore the tie sweater I thrifted at Unique last week, his mustache, and some pants that were handle down from my friend Laura.

Im sure both of us will have different shirts by the end of the day...tis the life of a stay at home mama.

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  1. I love posts like this :) Messy bun = my go-to hair style for sure! I really like that sweater you're wearing though. It looks comfy & warm! <3

  2. Cute! I love Judah's shirt. Im a sucker for a kids in ties, even if it is "built in"

  3. I LOVE that coffee cup. buahahah so so so true for you :P

  4. it was very comfy :-) most days you kinda have to be since Judah ends up getting his grubby hands on my shirt/hair/pants ect ha ha

    Sarah Jane isn't it the best!!! ha ha


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