Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thrifting Tuesday

Normally I do my thrift days and post on Thursdays but since my husband is on vacation all week he decided I needed a break from Judah. I rarely leave the house with out Judah for long periods of time, I think because he is my first I get anxious to let someone watch him and I also end up missing Judah when I am out. Needless to say I need the break. So I hit up some of my favorite thrift stores. The first one I went to was Good Will, I used to always find some good items here, but recently it has been lacking. I think its because of the recent reorganization and the hike in prices, since I was disappointed with the Good Will stop I thought about going straight home, plus it was raining outside and I just missed Judah. So I called my husband who encouraged me to go ahead and try another thrift store and maybe get some coffee, .so I stopped by Starbucks and headed over to Unique. The traffic wasn't that bad and I was pretty relaxed because I didn't have a baby in tow.

Unique was absolutely empty and they had great items! I found a cute fisher price rain jacket for Judah, I'm not sure if its vintage but I've never seen one like it, also it won't fit him till he is 3 or 4 but I had to grab it. Found this cute vintage plaid button up shirt for $1, the book "where the wild things are" is brand new and was 60 cents. The "Ive Got Joy" book is a songbook from the 80s with guitar chords, I thought it would be cute for Scott and Judah to learn the songs together....and my favorite this charming little faith picture that is painted on a wooden plaque. 

When I got home I immediately took down the pictures I had on my main level bathroom and put this up and it matches the bathroom perfectly.

A closer look of the fisher price jacket.  I did find a few fisher price toys, but Judah has so many from my best friend who dropped off an entire truck full of toys and Christmas that I don't know where I would put any more toys. I think in January I am going to give a bunch away to a women's shelter. 

Also found Judah a Tony Hawk sweat shirt, one cute red plaid vintage dress with hand embroidered flowers on it (planning on using this as a surprise gift to one of my blogger mamas) and picked up Judahs pen pal Scarlet a dress, a cute hat and two books. My sweet friend Natalie who is Scarlets mom just happens to look like Belle and Sleeping Beauty is a classic. 

 Then I visited another thrift store near me that's a hit or miss place. They didn't have to many good finds but they did have a huge sale on Christmas items and I found a bag of hand crochet dollies for 50 cents. 

I spent less than $20 on my thrifting adventures today. Then I headed over to Einsteins Bagels for a veg out bagel before heading home. When I got back, missing my guys terribly I walked into this...Scott reading to Judah. He loves this book! But gets scared of the black sheep. Does anyone else's kid get scared of the black sheep?  Judah seriously starts shaking in terror and cries real tears when he sees the sheep and I have to stick my finger in the next page and skip over it when I am reading to him. I'm not sure why he reacts this way because I don't think he has met a sheep in real life yet.

Then they had a daddy and son guitar session. Since I let Judah play with one of my older guitars he now knows how to strum the chords. 

Judah decided he wanted to use the guitar Nana gave him for his birthday. It makes dogie sounds. 

This afternoon Judah had a hard time with his teething, yes another molar coming in. While he was screaming I remembered my friend Heidi gave us this neat star teething toy. When Judah bites down on the star it vibrates against his gums. 

He was my hat model for a bit today. I am making a bunch of hats to put in the store and realized Judah needed a few to wear around to be my model. Scott needs matching ones.  

Then tonight we all had Sushi, Judah even ate Jello from chopsticks.

Hopefully this week we can go into DC to visit some of the museums, Im kinda really loving our Christmas family break.

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