Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thrifting Thursdays

I love thrifting Thursdays, my favorite thrift store Unique has 25% off the entire store. Today I was looking for certain things for friends but ended up getting a bunch of items for Judah.

I found a child poncho!!! It fits Judah perfectly and he actually loves wearing it. 

found this adorable black sweater with a tie on it 

another one of my favorites...old man Jammie's! Now I have to find a matching pair for Scott

Judah kinda looks like an old man Ethel with his wig and his Jammie's.

I found a few more shirts and a truck, walked out not spending more than $12. Was going to spend more time walking around but Judah has not been in the greatest of moods. We are not sure if its teething or because he woke up super early today. But as soon as we got home he just wanted to snuggle with his very exhausted mama. 

Hopefully we get to see Santa tomorrow! Now I just have to pick out his outfit.

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