Friday, December 23, 2011

Sprinting to see Santa!

Can you believe Christmas is just two days away! I sure can't believe it and we have just two days to see Santa. After spending most of the night/into the morning at the ER with Judah I was tempted to just skip the whole Santa thing this morning. I kept making excuses to my husband by saying "Its okay, Judah doesn't have to see Santa this year, its not that important, plus he will probably get sick from the germs on Santa from all the sick kids." But my husband knows me all to well. He asked me "Is this something that your going to regret 6 months from now?" I started thinking....Yes, yes it is! Lets go see Santa now! 

Scott and I didn't even shower and we gave Judah a bath last night. So all I had to do was dress Judah in some jeans and a cute shirt and we were out the door! I thought we were making good time and we decided to go to Fairoaks Mall instead of Dulles. Fairoaks  mall is allot closer and we can beat the people who were like us and waited last min to get the Santa picture.

Judah was really cute on our ride to the mall, we had the radio station on WGTS and he was singing along.

As soon as we parked I saw a family all dressed up in Santa hats start walking into the mall. I looked at Scott who was holding Judah and I shouted "RUN!!!!".  Judah was laughing because we ran through Macy's downstairs and around the corner towards Santa's snow globe ....I actually ran past the Santa line and kept running till I heard Scott calling my name.  When I turned around I walked back towards Scott who was standing at the end of the line with some other people who were laughing at me. We did beat the family with the Santa hats. Go us for gaining 10 mins!

While we were standing in the line, Mrs Clause came by to tell everyone it was going to be about an hour and a half wait. Scott decided to run back to the car to get the Ergo because we were coming up on Judah's nap. As soon as he left, creepy Santa lady kept trying to touch Judah's face. I asked her a few times not to and even moved him away from her, but she kept getting closer. Finally I had to just ignore her because she wouldn't stop talking to Judah, totally ignoring me only when I would tell her to stop she would say "He wants me to touch him, he is smiling". Scott finally arrived and she walked away. 

Judah loved being in the Ergo. I was able to run to Burger King and grab him some chicken nuggets. For mamas on the run, the BK Chicken nuggets are a billion times better than Chick Fil A, believe me I was surprised. The Chick Fil A line next door was way to long for me to stand in and I'm pretty grateful I was able to test BK nuggets.

I had to make a quick stop at the Apple store while Scott stood in line.  Since we ran out of the house I didn't realize that my phone battery was dying and I needed it charged for pictures. The apple employees were super nice and allowed me to use one of their chargers in the store. When I came back Judah was asleep on Scott. 

Unbelievably cute. 

Judah would have loved the Polar Bears, but we didn't want to wake him because we knew we had another 45 mins in line. 

Almost ready to enter the "snow globe!"This was such a better set up than Dulles town center, it was absolutely magical.

They even had "snow" in the globe! 

We woke Judah up from his nap and I think he was a little in shock that he was in a winter wonderland snow globe. He kept looking around and smiling.

Judah loved the fake snow and glitter. We were covered and it was fantastic.

 Waking up for Santa and trying to flirt with the snow princess. 

One of the "Elves" told us when its our turn to drop Judah off and run, this helps the babies/kids not cry so you can get a good picture. I wasn't sure how Judah was going to take to Santa. But as soon as Scott dropped Judah off, Judah just looked at Santa and couldn't stop smiling at him. I'm so happy we stayed and waited the 1.5 hours to get these pictures. 

Afterwards we were all pretty famished so we hit up our favorite Pho place before we headed home.

So grateful we were able to get our "Santa" pictures today. This is something we will be able to look back on for years to come. 

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  1. So sweet, Jess! Judah makes me smile.

  2. awe thanks Amy :-)
    seriously it was the sweetest thing ever! I can't wait to see how he reacts to the Easter Bunny or when we eventually take him to Disney (I think we have to wait a few years for that)


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