Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Little Mustache Birthday Bash

This past Saturday Judah turned 1! We gave him a "mustache bash".

Scott ordered a big Red Velvet Cupcake for Judahs "birthday cake". I made all the cupcake toppers by hot glue gunning mustaches on toothpicks. 

Baked "mustache" sugar cookies. 

Had a "wet your whiskers" drink station, included with straws with mustaches on them. Also some stick on mustaches and glasses w nose/mustache. 

Ordered cupcakes from Wegmans. They actually make really good cupcakes and are decently priced. Had them made with chocolate sprinkles so they look like "mustache shavings".

Had "Man- Wich" sandwiches . 

Couch Potato, we realized after the party that we miss-spelled the sign....had allot going on with a teething/screaming birthday boy. 

I took the baby shower sign my best friend Heidi made for me and used it as a banner near the food table. Also cut out a huge mustache and put it in front of Judahs highchair.  

While Scott ran to pick up our food in the morning I was able to get a few pictures of the Birthday Boy.

My trick for getting Judah to take a picture, I hold this robot in one hand and my phone in the other and Judah smiles at the Robot.

December 10th was also my best friend Thomas's birthday!  So we took some pictures for him, he is still in Peru and couldn't make the birthday.

Oh mom are you done with the pictures?

Scott gave Judah our traditional Duncan Donuts for the birthday person. Judah had munchkins because he is our little munch. I opted out from eating anything since I still was queasy from the previous days food poisoning. 

Judah crawling around before the party. We also printed out all our favorite pictures from Judahs first year and strung them up all over the house. I still have them up. 

Judah was Mr Social, greeting everyone and laughing the entire time. He loves being around people. 

Judah with Jack in the photo booth.

After eating his Red Velvet birthday cupcake. It was messy.  

 My only birthday picture with my son. It was kinda blurry...I cried because I didn't get any with him.
 posing in the photo booth.

Judah fell asleep in my arms that night. I wouldn't have it any other way because all I wanted to do was hold him and look at his face with his warm little arms on me. The birthday was good but I wasn't able to hold or take any picture with my son because a certain relative insisted on holding him the entire time. I cried afterwards because my heart was broken. But lesson learned. Judah is my son and I should have been able to spend his birthday with him. I did give birth to him and have been raising him the past year. 

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  1. Found your blog while looking for mustache birthday ideas... what a sweet boy you have! His little party looked amazing! May you be blessed to celebrate every day the miracle of his precious life!


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